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"Stay alert, we lost a patrol in this sector three days ago. I've also got a funny feeling about those TIEs we encountered."
"Yeah, me too. There's no way they could've gotten from the freighter to us so quickly.
Kirby and Rookie One shortly after a TIE attack near Dreighton[src]

Dreighton was a desert planet littered with rocks. There was an Imperial facility located on the planet. Below it, the Galactic Empire built a huge network of pipe lines and mining tunnels spanning kilometers beneath the surface.

Above the planet, Rookie One and Kirby were hailed by the Corellia Star while being attacked by TIEs.

Moving to investigate, they were initially engaged by regular TIE Fighters near the planet; Soon after the first attack, thinking themselves safe, TIE Phantoms appeared, disabling Rookie One and destroying Kirby's B-wing.

Having no other means to escape the planet, Rookie One entered the Imperial facility and fought his way through, eventually reaching the YT-1300 transport Corellia Star. He escaped the base by flying through mining tunnels and delivered it to the Alliance fleet.

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