"What we say is principle, what we decide is regulation, what we do is law."

Drelfin was a Human male Imperial Security Bureau officer. He came aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Reprisal in 0.5 ABY to help direct combat against the local rebels; this included overseeing the Teardrop massacre. He was second in command to Vak Somoril.


After analysis of the Teardrop data, he determined that stormtrooper Daric LaRone had deliberately fired to miss his targets, not killing the civilians of the town. He openly accused LaRone of treason and attempted to scare the man by putting a gun to his head. LaRone's stormtrooper reflexes kicked in and Drelfin was subsequently disarmed and subdued. When Drelfin simply became angry and drew his hold-out blaster to shoot LaRone, the stormtrooper's combat skills again defeated Drelfin's own. The ISB major was shot and immediately died.

His body was hidden in a storage locker to cover up the crime, and his death precipitated LaRone and his squadmates becoming the Hand of Judgment.



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