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"Synara…how goes the mission? Enjoying your new home?"

Drell was a male Weequay pirate who was part of the Warbird gang. He was contacted by one of their spies, Synara San when she yearned to speak with their leader, Kragan Gorr. San later helped smuggle Drell and fellow pirate Valik onto the Colossus to kidnap Torra Doza.



Drell is contacted by Synara San

By the year 34 ABY, Drell was a high-ranking member of the Warbird gang, a pirate gang led by Kragan Gorr.[4] During that year, Synara San, a member of the gang operating as a spy on the Colossus platform, reached Drell when she contacted the rest of the gang. He mockingly asked her how she was enjoying her new home, and she demanded to speak to Gorr immediately. Gorr was soon able to reach her and was given the go-ahead to lead the pirates into an attack on the Colossus.[1]

Later, Drell and the Palliduvan Valik were sent to the Colossus to kidnap Torra Doza, the daughter of the refueling stations captain, Imanuel Doza. The pair were smuggled into the Colossus loading docks in a container and San led them to Doza Tower, where the Doza's lived. After San let them in, Drell and Valik then left her. During the kidnapping attempt, Drell was killed by Elrik Vonreg.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Drell was a male Weequay with brown skin, black hair and gray eyes.[2] He had an attitude problem[4] and had sense of joy from wreaking havoc in the galaxy and shooting down enemies. Gorr trusted him with important missions.[5]


Drell usually wore stormtrooper armor and was armed with thermal detonators.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Drell first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance episode "Synara's Score". He is voiced by David Shaughnessy.[1]



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