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"You know, my brother-in-law is the constable of this planet. He might like a word with you."
"Oh, yeah? Well, I don't think your brother is really the constable of the planet!"
Dremullar Obohn di Garthos and Marn Hierogryph[src]

The brother-in-law of Dremullar Obohn di Garthos, both members of the Muun species, was the constable of the[1] Core Worlds[2] planet Ralltiir. At some point in his life, di Garthos's brother married his Muun consort and held a wedding party with the entire Ralltiir police force. The curators of the Obohn Gallery of the Industrial Aesthetic, di Garthos and a Rodian called "Father", had a holo-recording of the wedding. When black marketeer Marn Hierogryph and accomplice Zayne Carrick tried to fence statuary artwork to the Obohn Gallery during the Mandalorian Wars, di Garthos doubted the legitimacy of the duo and threatened to summon for his brother-in-law to arrest them, producing the holo-recording to back up his threat.[1]

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The only appearance of di Garthos's brother-in-law has been in the short story Labor Pains (2008) by John Jackson Miller, in which he was mentioned by di Garthos as well as appearing in a hologram.

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