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"Do you not realize how many Sith are here in Dreshdae?"

Dreshdae was a settlement on the planet Korriban that existed before the Jedi Civil War.


After the Great Sith War, it became somewhat of a capital for the planet, providing a tavern called The Drunk Side with criminal activities, trade, transport docking, smuggling runs, erotic entertainment, hangouts for bounty hunters, mercenaries, assassins, and Sith trainees from the Sith Academy nearby.

Duron Qel-Droma, Shaela Nuur, and Guun Han Saresh investigated Korriban for signs of a terentatek during the Great Hunt, gathering information at the settlement. After Guun Han left to find another one on Kashyyyk, which led to his death, Duron and Shaela searched the Valley of the Dark Lords for the monster.

The Dreshdae settlement circa 3993 BBY

Duron died at the hands of the beast and received one last vision of the future, where a Jedi named Revan would take the Qel-Droma robes, kill the creature, and defeat Darth Malak. His vision came true decades later as Revan and the Ebon Hawk crew sought the Star Maps that led to the Star Forge.

After the Jedi Civil War, fragmentation and unrest rioted throughout the Sith Academy, with rival groups seeking to hold power; by the end of the infighting, the Sith ranks were devastated, and the academy was abandoned, taking a large portion of Dreshdae's clientele and users.

Dreshdae survived the Jedi Civil War and was the only inhabited city on Korriban when the Brotherhood of Darkness reestablished the Korriban Sith Academy during the New Sith Wars, in 1006 BBY.

One year before the Clone Wars,[1] a group of Jedi led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi visited Dreshdae while looking for Granta Omega and Jenna Zan Arbor. In addition, the Commerce Guild built several offices there.[2]

Approximately one year after the Clone Wars, the scientist Jenna Zan Arbor was spotted by Ferus Olin in the city, while he and Trever Flume were waiting for their transport to be refueled. Her business on the planet went unexplained.[3]

Dreshdae, along with the abandoned settlement of Kaniset, were known to be among the ruined city of Vardin's rivals in size at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

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In the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Dreshdae was misspelled as "Dreshae."



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