Dresk Kist was a female Slith with dark stripes down her scales.


Dresk Kist was a female Slith who, by 0 ABY, had served as shaman of her clan for six seasons. In her role as shaman, she communicated with other Slith clans, communed with the departed spirits of her ancestors and he desert gods worshipped by the Slith.[1] Kist also served as the First Mate of the clan's alpha male, with authority over the other females and youngsters of the clan. She was also a huntress within the clan, hunting game while others were sleeping. It was unusual for shamans to also be huntresses, but Kist excelled in both fields.[2]

Kist also made contact with an Alliance to Restore the Republic negotiating team,[1] who were on the moon searching for a base of operations.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Dresk Kist was a two meter long, sleek Slith with patterned scales. She had piercing red eyes and venomous fangs. She was devout in her beliefs, and had a commanding, powerful presence.[1]


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