The Dressellian projectile rifle was created and used by the Dressellians.


The rifle had a long barrel, was issued with a sling, and could hold twelve rounds. It was widely considered to be a rather crude and primitive weapon when compared to modern technology, but despite this, was more than capable of piercing Stormtrooper armor, as shown by Orrimaarko when he shot and killed two Scout troopers.


Although the Dressellians used older technology, they were able to drive the Galactic Empire from their home planet, Dressel. This type of rifle was produced by both the Dressellians and the Bothans, who aided them during their rebellion.

Dressellian commandos, such as Orrimaarko, also carried this projectile rifle in his later service with the Rebel Alliance.

Behind the scenesEdit

Both the Vintage Kenner figure and the Hasbro figure of Orrimaarko had this weapon as an accessory.



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