Drev'starn was the capital city of Bothawui.


Drevstarn location

Drev'starn's location on Bothawui

Drev'starn was located in a long, broad valley near the equator. It was Bothawui's largest city and had numerous parks, spacious malls and open plazas connected by wide, well-manicured streets. Commercial and business districts surrounded the public areas, radiating towards the tall mountain cliffs. Here the numerous Bothan ministries regulated the day-to-day activities of the business community, interacting with the native economic concerns and the numerous megacorporations. So conducive to business were Bothan regulations that almost every important corporation in the sector maintained a satellite office here; some even transferred their corporate headquarters and established permanent residency.

The city's residential suburbs were located on the nearest band of foothills. Simple family homes and intricately detailed clan homes dotted the forested hillsides, constructed to complement the natural surroundings - not to dominate them. Repulsor-powered trams and transit tubes, as well as privately-owned speeders, provided abundant and cheap transportation for the residents, allowing for easy commutes to work and back. It was also in the foothills that most intelligence networks maintained a safe house and operations center - the Empire maintained several communication and sensor posts thinly disguised as diplomatic residences.

Small plains beyond the "near foothills" provided some agriculture, although Drev'starn was dependent upon other nearby communities for food supplies. Light industrial areas dotted the secondary band of foothills, which eventually led into the Kurual'grast Mountains surrounding the valley.


The Drev'starn Spaceport and Exoticalia Pet Emporium were located in Drev'starn, as well as Merchant's Square and the Combined Clans Center Building.



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