Drewwa was the third moon of Almania.


Drewwa was colonized generations prior to the Battle of Yavin. It was a heavily industrialized moon with companies from across the galaxy holding offices there, including Tendrando Arms, Trang Robotics, and Lyster Innovations.

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The moon made its first appearance in The New Rebellion, when Luke Skywalker noticed the three moons of Almania as he approached the planet. Two of the moons were identified as Auyemesh and Pydyr, and it wasn't until the novel Legacy of the Force: Exile was released that the third moon was given a name, Drewwa.

Author Dan Wallace named this moon after his son, Andrew.[1]

In the sample chapter of Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice that was included in Legacy of the Force: Exile, Drewwa was misspelled "Drew wa." This error was corrected before Sacrifice was published.



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