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This article is about the water world. You may be looking for another use of the word Drexel.
"One moment we're safely orbiting this planet... the next, all systems go dead and we crash-glide into seemingly endless ocean...!"

Drexel was the sole planet in the Drexel system. It was a water world, home to the sentient Sea-dragons.


Old Republic eraEdit

The Jedi Knights exiled the corrupt Governor Quarg to Drexel, along with his fellow Human pirates. There, the pirates and their descendants created a unique civilization, centered around a sailing ship that was a mobile city. Quarg was succeeded by his equally corrupt son, the younger Governor Quarg. Some of the inhabitants of the city-ship revolted against Quarg's tyranny. The rebels created a new civilization. They used technology to communicate with native Sea-dragons, with whom they formed a symbiotic lifestyle, and thus became known as Dragon Lords. The Sea-dragons willingly allowed the rebels to ride them and took the rebels to dwell in underwater caves. The Dragon Lords waged constant war on Quarg. The baby Sea-dragons infested the city-ship, acting as spies. The crew of the city-ship ignored the babies, thinking them mere lizards, not realizing they were young Sea-dragons.

Imperial eraEdit

Many years later, the Dragon Lords finally defeated Quarg's son with the help of Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and C-3PO, during the Battle of Drexel. Han Solo defeated the pirate Crimson Jack in orbit over Drexel.



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