"Admiral Pellaeon, this is Commander Dreyf. I have a preliminary report for you."
Commander Dreyf to Admiral Pellaeon[src]

Commander Dreyf was an Imperial Intelligence officer who served aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera in 19 ABY.


"Incredible. He actually broke into your private records. I would never have thought him capable of doing that. It must have been Dreyf's idea."
Major Tierce to Moff Disra[src]

Loyal to Supreme Commander, then-Fleet Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, Dreyf was tasked with investigating the misappropriation of funds in the records of the planet Muunilinst concerning Moff Vilim Disra, Lord Graemon (whom he referred to as "a snake"), and General Jaron Kyte.

Dreyf later escorted Pellaeon to Disra's palace on Bastion in order to confront the Moff concerning the misappropriated funds, which were found to have been channeled to the Cavrilhu Pirates. While in Disra's office, Dreyf acted under Pellaeon's orders and successfully broke into the Moff's desk, uncovering datacards with files that implicated Disra in many crimes against the Empire for which the corrupt politician would soon be arrested.



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