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"Curse that fool Dreypa and his blasted Oubliette! What use it is to live through the millennia if one is trapped inside a box?"
―Karness Muur[1]

Dreypa's Oubliette, later nicknamed the Jebble Box, was a stasis casket created by the Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa. Dreypa created the Oubliette in order to imprison and torture Karness Muur, and to contain the hypnotic influence of the Muur Talisman. The casket could theoretically preserve a living being for millennia—even beyond the death of the galaxy itself, according to the scientist Pulsipher. Neither conventional sensors nor the power of the Force could penetrate the Oubliette's skin.


In 3963 BBY, the Oubliette came into the possession of Mandalorian researcher Pulsipher, who transported it to his laboratories on the ice world of Jebble. During the Rakghoul plague, Pulsipher threatened to inter Zayne Carrick in the Oubliette in order to coerce him into revealing the powers of the Muur Talisman. After Pulsipher's death, Zayne Carrick suggested that Celeste Morne could be imprisoned in the Oubliette until the Jedi Covenant determined some means to nullify the Talisman's interference with her mind. When the walls of the Oubliette cut off the Talisman's contact with the outside world, the rakghouls were freed from Morne's control and turned upon each other.

Even as Carrick and his allies fled Jebble in the Moomo Williwaw, Cassus Fett arrived at Jebble with a Mandalorian fleet. (Carrick had previously alerted Fett to the danger of the Talisman via a transmitter on Jebble.) Over Carrick's desperate pleas, Fett bombarded Jebble with nuclear missiles. Carrick and company were forced to assume that Celeste Morne had perished, and they departed for Odryn. Unbeknownst to the Jedi or the Mandalorians, the Oubliette had, in fact, survived intact. It settled to the bottom of Jebble's newly-melted seas.

Roughly fourteen hundred years before the Battle of Yavin—nearly three thousand years after its submersion in the seas of Jebble—the Oubliette was discovered by ice miners. Although the miners were unable to open the casket or even ascertain its contents, they assumed that such a well-protected treasure must be extremely valuable. One miner killed his companions and stole the artifact for himself.

Over the following centuries, the Oubliette changed ownership many times and became known to Galactic antique dealers as the Jebble Box. According to legend, the Box contained a secret treasure of the Jedi Order. As a result, the Oubliette was generally sold quickly and furtively, lest the Jedi interfere with the transactions in their quest to reclaim their valuables. The mystery of the Box's contents increased its price during each successive purchase. Several years before Palpatine's declaration of the Galactic Empire, the Chubbits of Aridus fought a war for possession of the Jebble Box.

Lord Vader attempting to take the Muur Talisman.

In 19 BBY, the crew of the Uhumele located the Jebble Box on a battlefield on Aridus. Ishi Tib crime lord Haka Hai agreed to Captain Schurk-Heren's requested price for the Jebble Box. Before departing to Mimban for the sale, Heren took the precaution of secreting the Box in the ice rings of a gas planet. As Heren had expected, Hai attempted to steal the Box without paying. The result was a three-way firefight between Hai's enforcers, the crew of the Uhumele, and Lumbra, a traitor within Hai's own organization. Lumbra ultimately acquired the Jebble Box, only to discover that it was, in fact, a counterfeit containing an armed bomb. The explosion of the bomb killed Lumbra's ally Gamy and crippled his vessel.

After escaping the prisons of Haka Hai, Schurk-Heren located another, more reputable buyer: historian Fane Peturri. Although Heren was confident that Peturri had no criminal ties, the scholar betrayed the crew of the Uhumele to Darth Vader.

Peturri analyzed the Jebble Box and located a recording made by Marn Hierogryph some four thousand years earlier. Unable to corroborate Hierogryph's reference to "Lord Dreypa's Oubliette" with any contemporary archaeological sources, Peturri concluded that the Box was a pre-Republic artifact.

Peturri remained skeptical of the Oubliette's ability to preserve life for thousands of years, but despite his request to study the casket further, Vader opened it—revealing a perfectly healthy Celeste Morne. Upon Celeste's revival she and Vader engaged in a duel in which Celeste gained the upper hand when she gave into the power of the Muur Talisman and transformed the surrounding Humans into Rakghouls. After Vader retreated she ordered the Rakghouls to destroy the Oubliette.[2]


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