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"Join me! Not because it serves me -- but for revenge against those who have tormented you! Live like a Sith -- and break your chains!"
―Remulus Dreypa's spellbinding speech to the Sith rebels[src]

Dreypa's rebellion was a short-lived uprising on Kesh in 2974 BBY that was instigated by the ancient Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa. After being freed from an oubliette by the Lost Tribe anarchist Parlan Spinner, Dreypa sought to return to the galaxy. However, he also took the opportunity to launch an uprising against the ruling Tribal establishment in Tahv. After killing Lord Galathos and rallying the inhabitants of Eorm, Dreypa's army marched on Tahv.

Despite some initial successes in the Marisota Floodplains, they were attacked by the Skyborn Rangers and forced to retreat to Sessal Spire. There, Dreypa awakened several hibernating Leviathans, reptilian Sithspawn which devoured souls. Dreypa's Leviathans then wiped out the Tribe's army and the Doomed, an enigmatic community of Force-users from the planet's frozen southern continent Eshkrene would were the descendants of ancient Jedi and Dark Jedi from the Hundred-Year Darkness. Dreypa subsequently learnt that a Jedi starship was hidden under the Sith capital Tahv. However, he was thwarted by Spinner who had joined forces with the Sith princess Takara Hilts. Dreypa was slain and this ended any threat to the Lost Tribe's rule on Kesh.



"...Great weapons were unleashed, forever scarring the surface -- and traumatizing the Keshiri natives with titans bleeding, Kesh bled..."
―Kaliska recounting the Great Calamity to Takara and Spinner[src]
Jedi and Dark Jedi fighting on Kesh

The Great Calamity

Following the Battle of Corbos in 6900 BBY which ended the Hundred-Year Darkness, the surviving Dark Jedi were exiled to the Stygian Caldera. There, they subjugated the Red Sith on Korriban and created a new Sith civilization. While most of the Dark Jedi were content to remain on Korriban, a group of dissidents led by the Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa ventured out of the Stygian Caldera in a starship. Upon exiting, they were attacked by a group of Jedi Corbos veterans who pursued them across the galaxy. Eventually, their pursuit ended at Kesh, a primitive world that was home to the purple–skinned Keshiri species. The Dark Jedi and Jedi fought, unleashing the Great Calamity which devastated much of Keshtah Minor.[1]

Eventually, the combatants became disillusioned with the fighting and decided to make peace. As a peace offering, the Dark Jedi disarmed Dreypa and "sealed" him within an oubliette. The Force-users then migrated to Kesh's South Pole where they established a new Force-sensitive community called the Doomed. From their settlement, they maintained a protective vigil over the Keshiri and sought to find a balance in the Force. In 5000 BBY, a group of Human offworlders from the Sith Empire, who were known as the Lost Tribe, established themselves as the new political and religious elite on Keshtah Minor.[1]

By 2974 BBY, the Lost Tribe under the leadership of the reformist Grand Lord Varner Hilts had annexed the neighboring continent of Alanciar. Using the Alanciari Keshiri's wooden fleets, Hilts embarked on an ambitious program to explore the rest of Kesh. That year, he sent the Sith outcast Parlan Spinner to work as a sailor aboard the Keshiri captain Chegg's mariner Southern Star. Captain Chegg was tasked with exploring the South Pole. Unknown to Hilts, his daughter Takara Hilts also stowed aboard the Southern Star. Shortly after landing on the frozen shores of Eshkrene, the Sith and Keshiri expedition were ambushed by the Doomed, who killed Captain Chegg and several of his crew. They then took the two Sith and the remaining Keshiri crew captive.[6]

First ContactEdit

"I know what drives me! I want to see this great weapon those Dark jedi locked away. Light or dark -- they can't have been too bright to give that up!"
"Yes -- I can see what you would do. You're the last person we would let near it..."
―Spinner and Kaliska[src]
The Doomed

The Lost Tribe encounters the Doomed

The S'kytri Kaliska, leader of the Doomed, related the history of the Doomed to their Sith captives Spinner and Takara. She also mentioned how her people's Force-sensitive ancestors had sealed away their "greatest weapon" within an oubliette. When Spinner expressed interest in this "great weapon", Kaliska had him imprisoned with the rest of the Keshiri crew. Meanwhile, Kaliska took Takara on a tour of the Eshkrene stables and taught her the Force power of animal friendship. However, Spinner and the Keshiri crew managed to escape and stole the "Great Weapon". They then sailed back to Keshtah Minor on the Southern Star.[1]

Fearing the danger of the "Great Weapon", Kaliska and Takara pursued Spinner and his followers and land on the ship's deck. However, Spinner broke open the casket with a hammer and freed the ancient Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa. The opportunistic Spinner and his crew quickly aligned themselves with Dreypa while Takara and Kaliska were imprisoned below deck.[1] The Southern Star then sailed back to Keshtah Minor where it landed at the port of Eorm, Spinner's hometown. During a short skirmish, Lord Dreypa used his dark side powers to kill the tyrannical Lord Galathos and the local Sith garrison. Dreypa's display of Dark Side powers awed the local inhabitants who rallied around the Sith Lord. Despite his goals of reaching the stars again, Dreypa reluctantly agreed to lead a rebellion against the Lost Tribe with Spinner serving as his lieutenant. However, Takara and Kaliska managed to escape from their captors and return to Eshkrene, bringing the entire town's herd of uvaks, winged reptilian beasts, with them.[3]

Sith versus SithEdit

"Kaliska, He [Remulus Dreypa]'s... He's spellbinding."
"Of course. You think leading this lot is a challenge to Dreypa? His sorceries once threatened the entire planet!"
―Takara Hilts and Kaliska[src]
Dreypa in Eorm

Remulus Dreypa leads an insurrection

Under the leadership of Remulus Dreypa and his lieutenant Parlan Spinner, the hastily-assembled rebel army marched into the Marisota Floodplain and fought with the Lost Tribe's forces. The Lost Tribe's forces were commanded by Grand Consort Iliana Hilts, the wife of Grand Lord Hilts and a seasoned military commander. Despite inflicting heavy casualties on the Tribe's infantry forces, the rebels were scattered by the Tribe's aerial force, the Skyborn Rangers, warriors who rode the winged reptilian uvak. Facing heavy losses, Dreypa and Spinner sounded the retreat and their forces fled to Sessal Spire, a volcanic caldera which lay on a narrow, rocky peninsular overlooking the Southern Ocean. The Grand Consort initially dismissed Dreypa's retreat as a strategic folly due since there was no escape from that peninsular.[3]

Iliana's Sith forces caught up with Dreypa and Spinner, and attempted to execute them. However, Dreypa uses his talisman to summon up Leviathans from beneath the crater.[3] Leviathans were massive Sithspawn created during the Hundred-Year Darkness that were capable of draining the life energies of sentient beings. Within minutes, Dreypa's Leviathans devoured friend and foe alike. At that point, Kaliska and the Doomed attacked Dreypa and his Leviathans. During the fighting, Takara attacks Spinner whom she intends to settle scores with. However, their duel was interrupted when Takara's mother Iliana was attacked by one of the Leviathans. In a rare selfless moment, Spinner killed the beast and saved Iliana's life, thus gaining his former enemy's trust.[5]

Spinner and Takara escaped the fighting with the debilitated Iliana, riding on an uvak. They are rejoined by Kaliska who revealed that the Jedi ancestors of the Doomed had hidden a starship beneath the Sith capital Tahv. Aware of Dreypa's ambitions of reaching the stars, Kaliska convinced Spinner and Takara to destroy the ship. However, Dreypa and his Leviathans quickly catch up with them, having devoured all of their opponents including the Doomed forces. Spinner and Iliana managed to escape but Kaliska was captured and killed by one of Dreypa's Leviathans. In an attempt to delay Dreypa, Takara took the Dark Jedi on a duel.[5] However, she was unable to match the Sith Lord's mastery of the Dark Side and was taken captive.[4]

Last Stand at TahvEdit

"Course change not available. Course already programmed and locked. Planet Kesh, coordinates Sessal Spire Caldera. Enjoy the ride. Thank you."
"No! No! Nooooo!!"
―The starship's autopilot and Dreypa during his last moments[src]
Dreypa's demise

Remulus Dreypa meets a fiery demise

Meanwhile, Spinner and Iliana arrived back at Tahv. A debilitated Iliana was reunited with her elderly husband Varner. However, Spinner reneged on his promise to destroy the Last Hope and instead took it on a joyride above Kesh's atmosphere, hoping to fulfill his ancestor Ermon Parrah's goal of spinning a cord that would reach the stars.[5] Before Spinner could explore the wider galaxy, he was contacted by Dreypa who issued the young Sith with an ultimatum. Cognizant of Spinner's new-found love for Takara, he threatened to kill Takara unless Spinner handed the Last Hope over to him. Dreypa and his leviathans then laid waste to Tahv while Iliana's forces prepared to make a final stand. Spinner used the Last Hope's turbolaser cannons to kill most of the Leviathans, turning the tide of the battle in favor of the Lost Tribe.[4]

Meanwhile, Takara managed to break free of the last remaining Leviathan and kill the creature with Force lightning. In the ensuing chaos, she and Dreypa ended on up the hull of the Last Hope. Spinner flew the starship to the shores of the Southern Ocean where he "handed" the vessel to Dreypa, before jumping into the sea with Takara. Dreypa claimed ownership of the vessel only to discover that Spinner had set its engines for a one-way journey into Sessal Spire. Dreypa was killed in the ensuing explosion, which ended the Sith Lord's threat to the Lost Tribe. Following the defeat of Dreypa, the Sith begin rebuilding Tahv and the former outcast Spinner became a hero of the Tribe. Grand Lord Varner Hilts appointed the young man as one of his Hands and Spinner also developed a romantic relationship with his former enemy Takara.[4]


"Forget that - I'd wished they left another starship!"
"I don't. We're not ready.-- Not united in purpose. Iliana used to manage the forces pulling us apart"
―Spinner and Grand Lord Hilts discussing the aftermath of the rebellion[src]

Dreypa's rebellion ended the last extant threat to the Lost Tribe's rule on Kesh. The destruction of the hyperspace capable Jedi ship Last Hope delayed the return of the Tribe to the wider galaxy for another three millennia.[7] For Grand Lord Hilts, Spinner and Hilt's contact with the Doomed validated his theory that the Lost Tribe were not the first offworlders to discover Kesh. He concluded that the ancient Keshiri legends about the Great Cataclysm, the Protectors, and the Destructors were based on their recollections of the fighting between the Jedi and Dark Jedi. He speculated that if more Protectors and Destructors still existed in the galaxy, the Tribe would be no match for them.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Dreypa's rebellion first appeared in John Jackson Miller Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith comic series, which debuted on August 8, 2012. This five-issue comic series ran until December 12, 2012. The scenes relating to that conflict were illustrated by Andrea Mutti, inked by Pierluigi Baldassini, and then colored by Michael Atiyeh. According to Miller's production notes on his website Faraway Press, Dreypa's rebellion served as a showdown between the "Old School" Sith and the Lost Tribe and as a means of linking the Lost Tribe of the Sith comics with theStar Wars: Vector comics.[8] In addition, Miller also intended to use the conflict to strike a contrast between the "lawfully-evil" Lost Tribe and the "chaotic-evil" Remulus Dreypa. He also viewed the Leviathans as a Force-multiplier for Dreypa's powers and as a story device for telling Dreypa where the Doomed's starship was hidden.[9]


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