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"Though Karness will receive the first, I will complete more than one amulet. The second will go to Dreypa, so those two fools can battle other unceasingly. The third shall be far stronger than the others, and it shall be mine alone."
―Sorzus Syn[src]

The Dreypa Talisman was a talisman that belonged to the Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa and was seen on his person, when he was released from his prison. It was similar in appearance to the Muur Talisman.

It was given to him by Sorzus Syn, on Korriban, intended to trap his spirit, but once he reached Kesh, Dreypa altered it so it would help him survive the tortures of his oubliette and command ancient Leviathans from his time.



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