"This holoprojection was a gift from Queen Ressa of Drezzi to thank Darth Nyriss for her merciful treatment of the royal family when the Empire conquered their world."

Drezzi was a planet in the Drezzi system of the Outer Rim's Esstran sector[2] that was ruled by a monarchy. At some point before 3954 BBY, the Sith Empire conquered Drezzi, and the husband of Drezzi's Queen Ressa was killed by the Dark Councilor Darth Nyriss. In gratitude for Nyriss' decision to spare her life and those of her children, Ressa sent a decorative holoprojection to the Sith Lord that was displayed in Nyriss's residence.[3] During his career, intelligence operative Rane Kovach carried out an assignment on Drezzi at the request of Theron Shan of the Republic Strategic Information Service; Kovach was tasked with infiltrating dissident groups and fomenting revolution while minimizing casualties.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Drezzi was first mentioned in Drew Karpyshyn's novel The Old Republic: Revan,[3] though its location was not specified until an update of the Star Wars: The Essential Atlas Online Companion placed the Drezzi system in the Esstran sector with grid coordinates Q-5.[1] The planet was later mentioned in a Codex entry on Agent Rane Kovach in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.[4]


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