Dri'kill Ba'al was a Human male Sith who was one of Darth Baras's several apprentices as a part of the Sith Empire on the Sith capital planet of Dromund Kaas.


During the Cold War, Baras sent him to infiltrate the estate of the rebellious Sith Lord Grathan which he successfully did and located the Sith's greatest weakness, his son Beelzlit Grathan.

Baras sent an extraordinarily strong Sith Warrior to Grathan's estate to kill Beelzlit. Upon meeting his rival, Ba'al dismissed the Warrior as nothing more than a simple savage before sending the Warrior on their mission. When the Warrior returned, Ba'al decided that he must kill his rival to solidify his cover and alerted the estate guards. Unfortunately for Ba'al, he proved no match for the Warrior, who quickly slew him.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Dri'kill Ba'al is voiced by Adam Howden.


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