"I won't involve myself with them again. For now I think they've forgotten me, and I want to keep it that way."
―Drigor Tarrens' view of the Qektoth Confederation[src]

Drigor Tarrens was a male Human scientist from a colony in the Kathol Outback, a largely unexplored sector of space within the Kathol sector. Believing that biological technology was superior to traditional inanimate technology, he joined a group of like-minded scientists known as the Qektoth Confederation who were based at the University of Sanbra's Q'Maere Research Facility within the Kathol Rift. After a series of experiments came back with disappointing results, the scientists left the facility to pursue their own goals, and Tarrens accompanied them. During his time with the Confederation, the organization changed from a group of idealistic scientists trying to save the galaxy from the perceived dangers of traditional technologies, to a militant order that advocated war against those that would use their technology to keep the population of the galaxy "enslaved." Tarrens disagreed with these views, and learned of a project that would use the genetic material of the Confederation's own members to create new life-forms.

Before Tarrens could reveal this plan to the rest of the organization, his starfighter exploded upon take-off, and his life was saved through the use of cybernetics. Charged with treason, which was punishable by death, Tarrens fled to the planet Uukaablis and was granted political asylum. There, Tarrens lived in seclusion until the crew of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar sought his help in 8 ABY. They had encountered a biochemical agent created by the Confederation, and needed a cure for it. After learning that he might have been exposed to the agent as well, Tarrens directed them to a research facility in the Qu'mock system. After the FarStar delegation left, Tarrens discovered that he had indeed been infected by the agent, and realized that the crew of the New Republic ship was his only hope. Taking his personal Helix-class light interceptor to the Qu'mock system, Tarrens was instrumental in helping the FarStar to defeat a Qektoth attack cruiser, and recover the data needed to create a cure for the agent.


Early life[]

The Human male Drigor Tarrens was born[2] in 34 BBY[1] on a colony along the edge of the Kathol Rift, a region of space filled with volatile gases and lightstorms, in the Kathol Outback.[2] In approximately 18 BBY,[4] he discovered an abandoned space station in an uninhabited system[2] and marked its location.[5] Tarrens studied science, and eventually took up a post as a scientist at the University of Sanbra's Q'Maere Research Facility, located on the planet Q'Maere within the Kathol Rift. Around 7 BBY, Tarrens joined a group of scientists known as the Qektoth Confederation who believed in the superiority of biological technology.[6] They felt that the use of traditional, inanimate technology was sapping the spirits of ordinary people, and caused sickness and premature death.[2] After a series of experiments on silicon biology failed to live up to their expectations, Tarrens and the Qektoth scientists left the facility to the staff from the University of Sanbra.[6] He revealed the location of the space station that he had discovered several years previously to his colleagues,[5] and the Confederation moved the station to the Qu'mock system. They refitted and repaired it, and used it as a research station for their experiments.[2]

Qektoth Confederation[]

The space station discovered by Tarrens that the Qektoth Confederation would use for their own purposes.

Over the years, the Qektoth Confederation evolved from a group of idealistic scientists to a militaristic organization that wished to wage war against those that, in their view, kept the galaxy in a weakened state through their reliance on inorganic technology. Many of the original founding members of the Confederation left the group, disgusted by what it had become, and the organization came under the leadership of Trann Shoame. Under Shoame, the Confederation extended their research into biological and chemical weapons, readying themselves for the day when they could strike at their perceived enemies. Around 2 BBY, the leaders of the Confederation began a project to create new life-forms with enhanced attributes. To achieve this, they took cell samples from all of the organization's members and planned to use them as part of their experiments. Tarrens learned of the project, and was disturbed by it. He decided to report his findings to the rest of the Confederation, but the Y-wing he intended to travel in exploded just after he took off from a secret base near the Kathol Rift.[2]

Tarrens was recovered from the wreckage of the starfighter, and repaired with cybernetic systems by Confederation doctors without his knowledge or approval. He was summoned to appear before a court on the charge of treason upon waking from surgery, which was punishable by death under the Confederation's laws. Tarrens managed to flee, heading for the planet Uukaablis and requesting political asylum. The native Uukaablians, noted for their skills in creating and refining medical technologies, agreed to his request. Tarrens became a recluse on Uukaablis, living in cave in a forest away from the Uukaablian cities. At some point, he acquired a Helix-class light interceptor.[2]

Arrival of the FarStar[]

"Let's just say I still know some of the Confederation's codes."
―Drigor Tarrens[src]

In 8 ABY, Tarrens was approached by members of the crew of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar for help. They had encountered a biochemical agent manufactured by the Qektoth Confederation that was rapidly spreading through the ship's crew. They had originally sought the help of the Uukaablians and their advanced medical technology, but the aliens had been unable to help the New Republic representatives, and had directed them to Tarrens. Tarrens initially refused to assist them, saying he wanted no dealings with the Confederation ever again. However, when the FarStar delegation informed him that the agent was contagious, and that he may have been exposed to it as well, he relented and gave them the coordinates for the Qektoth research facility located in the Qu'mock system, which was a only a day's hyperspace travel from Uukaablis. He told Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum, commanding officer of the FarStar, that she would find computer files on the station that they could use to develop an antidote to the agent, and requested that she return to him with the antidote.[2]

A Helix-class light interceptor

After the FarStar crewmembers left, Tarrens discovered that he had indeed been infected with the biochemical agent from his brief contact with the New Republic delegation. Realizing that his only chance for survival rested with the success of the FarStar's mission, he took his Helix light interceptor to the Qu'mock system to assist them. Arriving in the middle of a battle between the FarStar and a Qektoth attack cruiser near the space station, he learned that the corvette had a raiding party aboard the Confederation facility attempting to recover the needed information. However, the small force was trapped on the station in the hangar bay—the Confederation had locked down the exits and set the station to self-destruct. Tarrens used his knowledge of Confederation command codes to override the security locks remotely, opening the hangar doors and allowing the FarStar's raiding party to escape. Joining the battle between the capital ships, he revealed that the attack cruiser had a weakness that they could exploit. Due to the energy requirements of the cruiser's unique weaponry, the enemy vessel could only maintain its shields in a single fire arc at any time while employing them. Tarrens' suggestion was to use the FarStar, the raiding party's Aegis-class Combat Shuttle, and his own interceptor to attack the vessel from multiple angles. His assistance resulted in victory for the FarStar.[2]

Back on Uukaablis, the Uukaablians were able to use the recovered data to create a cure for the biochemical agent, treating Tarrens and the FarStar crew. While waiting for the antidote to be created, Tarrens revealed his past to the New Republic delegation, and how he had wished to simply hide from the Confederation until he died. However, his experiences with the FarStar crew had changed his mind, and he hoped that he could atone for his past crimes.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Come back for me."
―Drigor Tarrens, to Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum[src]

Standing just under 1.75 meters tall, Drigor Tarrens wore his brown hair in thick braids that hung down his back, and by 8 ABY, it was starting to go gray. He was a scientist who held the belief that biological technology was superior to inanimate technology, a view that led him to join the Qektoth Confederation. However, Tarrens did not agree with the Confederation's militaristic outlook, or their plan to create new life-forms using genetic samples taken from its own members.[2]

Living on Uukaablias, he learned the local language, and had a working knowledge of other cultures and planetary systems. He was also familiar with the works of a bureaucracy and could swim. Tarrens also had a strong sense of self-preservation, fleeing from the Confederation when his life was threatened, and assisting the crew of the FarStar after realizing that their success was his only hope of surviving after being exposed to a deadly biochemical agent.[2]

Skills and abilities[]

Despite believing in the superiority of biotechnology, Drigor Tarrens nevertheless used technological items such as starfighters, blaster rifles, and his own cybernetic eye. He could operate repulsorlift craft, fly space transports, plot courses through both space and hyperspace, and use the weapons aboard capital ships. He had experience in droid programming and repair, and could repair blasters as well. He was also experienced in melee combat, and the operation of vehicle-mounted blasters.[2]


Drigor Tarrens was trained to use a blaster, and possessed both a heavy blaster and a hold-out pistol for emergencies. His left eye had been replaced by a cybernetic substitute that stared straight ahead, no matter which way his other eye was looking at the time. In addition to his weapons, Tarrens generally wore a blast vest and carried a comlink. By 8 ABY, Tarrens owned and operated a Helix-class light interceptor,[2] manufactured by Arakyd Industries.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Drigor Tarrens was created for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game adventure Wildfire by George R. Strayton. It was published as part of The Kathol Outback supplement for The DarkStryder Campaign by West End Games.[8] Tarrens would be mentioned again in the subsequent supplement, The Kathol Rift.[9]



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