"Drik Bandrik has played me like a dejarik piece."
Rakir Banai[src]

Drik Bandrik was a male slaver that operated on the planet Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War.


"Thermal sent proof of Drik Bandrik's fraud straight to Jabba the Hutt. Jabba won't like it that Drik played him like a dejarik piece. I expect Drik will find it healthy to visit another world soon."
Kitster Banai, to a spacer[src]

After the Battle of Yavin, Drik Bandrik operated on Tatooine. While there, he employed the father of Kitster, Rakir Banai, who operated out of the town of Wayfar. Unbeknownst to Rakir, Drik Bandrik was actually a powerful slaver. However, he was also the head of a mining business.[2]

Circa 1 ABY,[3] Drik had something of a personal vendetta against Kitster. When the young adult began making attempts to improve the lives of other slaves on Tatooine, he ended up offending Drik. To get back at Kitster, Drik fooled Jawas in Wittin's tribe into believing that Kitster had stolen a droid from them. Drik also framed Kitster with organizing a slave revolt in Jabba's Palace a few years back. Jabba, believing Drik Bandrik's claim, sent a henchman named Deeng to kill Kitster. Drik even framed Kitster with the murder of an innocent moisture farmer, named Krin Vel. Sont Toipo, a local vigilante leader on Drik's payroll, was tasked with rallying a mob of angered moisture farmers to kill Kitster.[1]

However, all of Drik's plans were foiled by a spacer working for Kitster. Wittin's underlings were killed before they could reach Kitster, as was Deeng, and mob leader Toipo.[1] However, Kitster's well-being was almost endangered by his very own father. Drik informed Rakir that a troublemaker in Mos Espa had sent a saboteur named Triggo Binz to undermine his mining business. Drik claimed that he would be destroying the mine, so as to eliminate the competition. However, Rakir heard that the unnamed troublemaker actually had a problem with working conditions at the mine. Nonetheless, Rakir sent a spacer to eliminate Triggo. Before Triggo was killed, he revealed that Drik was a slaver. Disturbed by that accusation, Rakir had the spacer meet up with a Bothan spy to determine the truth about Drik, and to learn the identity of the troublemaker. Rakir realized that he was being manipulated all along by Drik to work against his own son. After this revelation, he sent the spacer to find and kill Drik's majordomo named Wizzel, so that he could destroy the contract and be free from Drik's terms.[2]

Additionally, the individual working for Kitster managed to find Krin Vel, the moisture farmer who was said to be murdered. Drik had in fact paid her to leave Mos Espa to give Sont Toipo enough time to organize an angry mob. With Krin's assistance, Kitster managed to organize enough evidence to clear his name of Drik's accusations. He then proceeded to have the evidence sent to his friend, Thermal Det, who saw to it that the information made it to Jabba.[1]

Drik's plans had all collapsed upon himself. All of his henchmen, including his own majordomo, had been killed. Additionally, Rakir managed to end Drik's work contract so that he could set out to find Kitster.[2] Furthermore, thanks to the evidence organized by Kitster, Jabba now knew the truth about Drik's lies. Kitster believed that Jabba would be angered at being manipulated, and that Drik would probably be wise to leave the planet if he hoped to survive.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Drik Bandrik was a character mentioned in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. He was central to the storylines of two quest lines in the game. Players who spoke to Kitster in Mos Espa could receive quests to foil Drik's henchmen, and clear Kitster's name from a number of false accusations.[1] Players could also receive separate quests from Rakir Banai in Wayfar. These quests revealed the truth about Drik Bandrik, and the nature of the troublemaker, who turned out to be Rakir's son.[2]

At the end of the Kitster Banai quest line, it was suggested that Jabba would be angry with Drik, and that he should probably leave Tatooine if he wished to survive. However, the ultimate fate of Drik Bandrik was not made clear.[1]


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