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Drogheda was a planet rich in ore serving as a wealthy mining planet in the Teraab sector.


An ancient world, the people of Drogheda worshipped the Goddess and practiced the Vianist traditions for generations as a mystery religion. Devotion to the Vain Goddess Onrai was practiced through blood rites, though these practices declined overtime. During the Kymoodon Era, the planet Drogheda was ruled by the monarch Maeve, who founded the Pius Dea religion as an offshoot of the Vianist movement. Under the title of Malikha, Maeve received the sacred creeds of the Pius Dea directly from the Goddess and formed the state religion around the precepts. When the Hutts invaded Drogheda and imprisoned Queen Maeve after she was betrayed by a member of her court. While Maeve could not be broken by the Hutts, they defiled her, tortured her, and killed her husband and mother.

Rescued from captivity when the Hutts were driven offworld, Maeve reemerged as the Warrior-Queen Malikha of Drogheda and leader of the Pius Dea. Taking on many husbands and raising many sons, Maeve sent her family out into the galaxy to spread the faith and incorporated the traditions of many neighboring worlds into the worship of the Goddess. Writing sacred tomes and distributing them across the region, Maeve called for a holy war to eradicate those irredeemable infidels, including races such as the Hutts. Overtime, the Pius Dea religion had spread across the galaxy and came to in short order be the state religion of the Galactic Republic itself. [3]

During the Galactic Empire's reign, it was ruled by Queen Sarna, who dated Lando Calrissian prior to his appointment as Baron Administrator of Cloud City. Following the Battle of Endor, Sarna was deposed by a rebellion led by her own sister, Princess Danu. During the coup, Lando Calrissian was used by both sides as a pawn. In the end, Sarna was exiled and left the planet with Lando aboard the Cobra. The two scoundrels decided to forgive and forget and go in together on a new scheme.

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Drogheda is a large town in County Louth, Ireland.



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