"We no longer answer to your kind, Captain—and we have many scores to settle!"
―Drogheda Revolutionary[src]

The Drogheda Revolutionaries were a fighting force on the planet Drogheda who opposed the monarchy led by Queen Sarna. They were formed at some point following the Battle of Endor, having been inspired by the Rebellion's victory. They attempted to set up a democracy on the planet, but they were opposed by Sarna, who used her Royal Guard to break up the revolutionaries. However, the group was aided by Princess Danu, who was working undercover, spying on her sister in the Drogheda Citadel. Under the princess' advice, the revolutionaries attacked the Mount Meru Mine, taking control of the mountain and preventing any income from coming from the mine. Queen Sarna was angered by the action, knowing that the mine was the primary source of funds for the monarchy. Every day that the revolutionaries held the mine, the Queen was losing money, and she needed someone to flush out the rebels. Lando Calrissian was brought in to remove the revolutionaries from the mine, and he succeeded, only to learn that the revolutionaries were aiding a just cause. He switched sides, and the Drogheda Civil War concluded at the Drogheda Citadel, where the revolutionaries were able to storm the palace, capture the Queen and defeat the Royal Guard. Upon their victory, they exiled Sarna from their world and began to set up a new government.


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