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"But that's where you'll want to go first—Mubo's Droid Depot. He's a reasonable fellow, if not to everyone's taste."
Salju, to Vi Moradi[src]

Droid Depot was a shop found at Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. Owned by Mubo, the shop offered patrons droids, including custom droids built to a customer's specifications.[2] A sign outside of the shop advertised "SALES," "SERVICE" and "TRADES" in stylized Aurebesh.[3] It had an attached repair station and oil bath, although it was unknown how long the oil had been in there and customers were advised to use it at their own risk. It was well stocked with R-series and BB-series droids that could be modified to the customer's specifications.[1]

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Droid Depot SWGE

Concept art of the shop

The Droid Depot is one of the gift shops for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, specializing in customizable remote-control droid toys. These droids have interactive functionality within the themed land.


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Droid Depot SWGE model

Droid Depot from the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge model

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