Droid Hunt is an adventure seed for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, 2nd ed. It was written by Bill Olmesdahl and published as part of the book Star Wars Gamemaster Screen in 1992. "Droid Hunt" is offered as an example of a "quest" style adventure.[1]

Plot summary[]

The Karflo Corporation has hired a group of spacers to investigate the disappearance of an expensive StelProbe V exploration/contact droid sent to the remote world of Wizar II. Once they arrive there, the spacers discover that the droid has been captured by the planet's native population, a primitive species of cephalopoids known as the Uroths. They seem to believe that the droid is their god of death, and they are willing to protect it with their lives. Nevertheless, the spacers manage to recover the droid and return it to Karflo.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Olmesdahl offers variants of the adventure outline. In one, the spacers are Rebel Alliance operatives instead of independent spacers. Their goal is to recover the StelProbe V for the Alliance to analyze. Another option pits the player characters against rival droid hunters. Finally, the droid's reactor may be compromised, meaning that it will melt down soon and wreak havok on Wizar II.[3]


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