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A poster promoting droid rights.

"Need anything?"
"Equal rights?"
Lando Calrissian and L3-37[1]

Droid rights was the belief that droids should be granted the rights of other sentient beings. L3-37 cared deeply about droid rights[2] and decried the systematic oppression of mechanical intelligence throughout the galaxy. She longed for a droid revolution where her fellow mechanicals would overthrow organic rule and be free to determine their own fates.[3]

Proponents of droid rights pointed to the Galactic Constitution, which declared all sentients equal. They decried memory wipes maintained to eliminate personality quirks and questioned why they were recommended if droids truly lacked personalities. The movement also considered the use of restraining bolts a form of slavery, a practice outlawed by the Galactic Constitution. The brutal work conditions experienced by droids and daily threat of being thrown away following an injury on the job were another issue the droid rights movement protested.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The concept of droid rights originated with Star Wars creator George Lucas in the early 2000s.[5]



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