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Droid supremacy was the ideal held by droids with high enough sentience programming to override their life preservation programming and revolt against their organic owners. This only instigated Anti-Droid sentiment in the organic populace, fanning the flames of hate and causing problems for the droid rights movement. It's unconfirmed as to whether they maintained separate personality matrices among individual robots.


HK-01 and his droid army promoted this as his reason for starting the Great Droid Revolution.

Several G0-T0 infrastructure planning systems successfully attempted a blood soaked coup de'tat and forced the secession of 16 planets in the Gordian Reach, creating the region known as 400100500260026. Chancellor Tol Cressa started a campaign to liberate the area from the droids.

Droids on Bakura in 97 BBY advocating this idea made it law on the planet for all droids to wear restraining bolts.

Insane cyborg Archa Sabis started the Second Great Droid Revolution by uploading a virus to infect droids and make them revolt while promoting this.

In 2 BBY, Raxus Prime's core had plotted this ideal to replace Emperor Palpatine, as it thought that he was unfit to rule the galaxy.

In 0 ABY, 12-4C-41 started his own droid army and attempted to take over the galaxy.

IG-88 and his droid army were strong advocates of this ideal, starting the Droid Revolution. The greatest attempt to make droid supremacy real was at the Battle of Endor when IG-88A uploaded his mind into the Death Star's computer, attempting to crush the Rebel Alliance and then take the Empire down. IG-88 died as the battlestation was destroyed, putting an end to his revolution.

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