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"They're all over me! Get them off my—"
―A clone trooper pilot during the Battle of Coruscant, being chased by a droid tri-fighter[src]

The droid tri-fighter was a model of droid starfighter utilized by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.

Five years after the conclusion of the Clone Wars, tri-fighters could still be seen harassing the nascent Galactic Empire under the command of dissidents, with one such cell being led by former Republic Intelligence official Berch Teller.[6]


A standard tri-fighter measured 5.4 meters in length, making it the smallest ship in both the Separatist and Republic navies.[2] A space-faring relative of the Trade Federation's dreaded droideka, the tri-fighter was developed for intense dogfighting and close-range space battles. Unlike Vulture-class starfighters, the tri-fighter featured more advanced brains than standard Separatist droid fighters,[4] and were armed with four laser canons and buzz droid missiles. The fighter's three-armed design mimicked the skull of a ferocious predator native to Colla IV.[2]

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In Star Wars Battlefront II, the droid tri-fighter is in the "Interceptor" class for the Confederacy of Independent Systems faction.[7]



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