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The Droideka Sharpshooter,[5] also known as the sharpshooter droideka, the sniper droid, or the sharpshooter droid, was a variation of droideka that specialized in sniping. Unlike the original droideka, it was equipped with a single blaster rifle in the middle, and used its armored shell to cover its front while in combat, instead of deflector shields.[2] Sharpshooter droidekas were part of the Separatist forces commanded by the Zygerrian Darts D'Nar on Kiros.[3]


A Droideka Sharpshooter

Droideka Sharpshooters were a 1.87 meter[2] variation the Colicoid Creation Nest manufactured[6] droideka. The droid was armored with a shield that protected the droid from blaster fire, but left them open to attacks from either side, as they lacked the shield projector of other droideka models. They could roll into position and could be used to take the enemy by surprise, and they were best placed in sheltered positions, where they could eliminate targets from long ranges.[5]

When placed strategically, the droideka was capable of eliminating important targets such as Jedi, and their accuracy was far more superior to that of standard droidekas, as well as their single, high-powered rifle which could pierce through multiple targets in a single shot.[5]

However, despite their effectiveness as a sniper, the Confederacy of Independent Systems made less use of the Droideka Sharpshooter than alternative droidekas. This was largely due to the droid's limited versatility and that their use required more careful planning than other models.[5]

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Droideka Sharpshooters first appeared in the episode "Kidnapped," the eleventh episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series' fourth season.[3]



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