Star Wars Droids 4: Lost in Time is the fourth issue of the Star Wars Droids series of comics. It was published by Marvel Comics on July 15, 1986[1] with a cover date of October 1986.

In Part 1 of a two-part crossover comic, the droids babysit an alien baby whose parents' ship careens out of control and into a time warp. The droids find themselves on Endor, interacting with Wicket and the other Ewoks before their meeting in Return of the Jedi.

The conclusion of this crossover took place in Ewoks 10.

Plot summary[]

R2-D2 and C-3PO have taken positions as diplomatic couriers. Upon arrival at the royal palace of the planet Sooma, they observe King Zornog engaged in a heated HoloNet conversation with King Gokus of Alzar. Prince Plooz, the son of King Gokus, stowed away on a freighter that ended up on Sooma, and his father demands his immediate return. Meanwhile on the planet Alzar, General Sludd and his lieutenant plot to ensure that Plooz never returns home as a means of inciting war between the two planets. Back on Sooma, Prince Plooz playfully grabs the scarf of King Zornog, accidentally choking him. R2-D2 rescues the King by lifting Plooz into the air with his mechanical claw. King Zornog is thankful for the rescue, and C-3PO helpfully offers to be of further assistance by escorting Prince Plooz back to his home world.

While in transit to Alzar, the droids and Prince Plooz are attacked by General Sludd's ships. General Sludd declares his intentions to start a war as means for him to conquer both worlds. The droids decide to make a run for it, but while R2-D2 is preparing to make the jump to hyperspace, Prince Plooz adjusts the ship's antimatter controls. He unintentionally disrupts the anti-matter pods, and with electron torpedoes bearing down on the ship, the droids attempt to engage the hyperdrive without full anti-matter power. At the moment the torpedoes hit, the ship attempts to jump into hyperspace, but instead the droids and Prince Plooz find their ship floating in nothingness.

A rift in the darkness opens, and R2-D2 flies the ship through, and they find themselves time warped to the future. Reacting to C-3PO's distress, Prince Plooz finds an escape pod, and ejects from the ship, hoping to find his way home. Instead he lands on the moon of Endor, where the Ewoks are alarmed to see his escape pod falling from the sky. The droids follow the escape pod, and land on Endor to find Prince Plooz.

In the Ewok village, Chief Chirpa consults Logray about the strange object. Logray consults the fortune stones which foretell that a blinding flash of light will bring good fortune to the Ewoks on that very day. Indeed, that day is the planned signing of a peace treaty with the Duloks. Logray instructs Chirpa to investigate the object from the sky, and a search party is assembled. The search party includes Wicket who finds the escape pod in the swamp just as Prince Plooz emerges. The Ewoks believe Plooz to be a "star child", a sign of good fortune. They feed Plooz honey and take him back to their village. Before traveling far Wicket and Princess Kneesaa find the droids, who they believe to be demons. The Ewoks try to escape, but run headlong into a Dulok trap.

Behind the scenes[]

R2-D2's design in the story arc looks significantly different, featuring red and yellow highlights instead of blue.


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