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"[…] and my Nikto brother is simply Drok."
―Te Corso[src]

Drok was a male Nikto Jedi Master who served the New Jedi Order during the Second Imperial Civil War. In 137 ABY, he was present at the Jedi Order's Hidden Temple when the bounty hunter Cade Skywalker visited it in 137 ABY, seeking to gain the Jedi Council's help in assassinating Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor of his faction of the Galactic Empire. The Council refused, instead opting to oppose Krayt by allying with the remnants of the Galactic Alliance and the deposed Emperor Roan Fel's forces. Drok, along with Jedi Masters Asaak Dan, Sayar Dun'La, and Te Corso, was sent by the Council to meet with Admiral Gar Stazi, the leader of the Galactic Alliance Remnant in the Arkanis sector. Shortly after Drok and his fellow Jedi boarded Stazi's flagship, the Alliance, the fleet was assaulted by Sith forces.


"Masters Dun'La, Te Corso, Drok—stick with Cade and me. Cover Master Saa until she's ready."
―Bantha Rawk during the Attack on the Hidden Temple[src]

Following the death of Darth Krayt, Drok, alongside fellow Jedi Asaak Dan, Sayar Dun'La and Te Corso, was sent by Jedi Council to aid the Anti-Sith alliance formed by the Galactic Alliance Remnant and the Empire-in-exile. Arriving at Alliance, the flagship of Alliance's leader Gar Stazi, the Jedi greeted him and began discussing the possibilities of joint operations.

However, they were interrupted by an attack of the Imperial First Coruscant Task Force as well as an assassination attempt on Admiral Stazi. After disabling the would-be assassin, Shipman Tealart, Drok, alongside Master Corso, boarder their X-83 TwinTail starfighters, joined the battle and helped hold the Imperial attackers off enough for the fleet to jump into hyperspace to their next rendezvous point.

Later, during the Evacuation of Dac, Drok was a member of Sword Squadron. The Jedi Master led a taskforce in sabotaging the defenses of the Mon Calamari Shipyards. Also capturing ships present there, Drok's success allowed the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet to push back the remaining Imperials and for the rescue operation to begin.

In 138 ABY Drok was again at the Hidden Temple during the battle with the Sith. There at last he, alongside Masters Dun'la and Corso were slain, killed defending T'ra Saa.

Behind the scenes[]

Drok's corpse lays among the fallen.

Drok was created by John Ostrander, the writer of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series. The Nikto first appeared on the cover for the second issue of the The Hidden Temple story arc. Drok was drawn by Omar Francia for the cover of Legacy 26: The Hidden Temple, Part 2. He was first identified and featured more prominently in the standalone comic Divided Loyalties, the series' forty-second issue. The character was drawn by Dave Ross in Divided Loyalties; Drok later received appearances in The Fate of Dac—the series' forty-seventh issue—and the fourth issue of Star Wars: Legacy—War, the follow-up miniseries to Legacy. In these issues, Drok was penciled by Jan Duursema.

Because of a surplus of characters in the story, Drok and the other three Jedi from the cover of Legacy 26 were not used in the actual comic itself. Originally, they were to accompany Cade Skywalker against the wishes of the Jedi Council in his hunt for Darth Krayt.[3] In the cover art of Divided Loyalties, Drok wields a purple bladed lightsaber. However, in the actual comic, he wields a yellow bladed lightsaber. In The Fate of Dac, he carries a blue lightsaber. In Legacy—War 4, his blade changes color once more to green.


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