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"Exactly as reported. A degree-six revolt, population equivalent to the Duros uprising on Zilior. Subjects occupy a moderate radius of jungle. Good, good…"
―Lord Drowl[src]

Around 3643 BBY, during the height of the galactic Cold War, a group of slaves on the reconstitued Sith Empire's capital world of Dromund Kaas initiated a rebellion against their Imperial masters. The slaves, brought to Dromund Kaas from offworld, were on the capital planet to build a colossal statue in honor of the Dark Council member Vowrawn. Commissioned by Vowrawn's apprentice, Lord Qet, the statue was to tower over the surrounding jungle and advance the young Sith's career and reputation.[2] Over the course of several years, the project faced repeated delays and accidents and saw the deaths of hundreds of slaves. The harsh labor conditions and unforgiving demands of their masters eventually motivated the slaves to revolt—a rebellion that was in fact facilitated by Darth Baras,[4] a Sith Lord and rival of Lord Vowrawn. The slaves armed themselves and seized the construction site as well as the surrounding jungle, throwing off the yoke of slavery and declaring war against their former overlords.

In order to defeat this rebellion, the Dark Council summoned Lord Drowl, a Sith experienced in quashing uprisings and revolts. Drowl used the slave rebellion as an opportunity to disperse his newly-developed Quell toxin—a poison that would torture the slaves and demoralize their comrades. Drowl utilized up-and-coming Sith apprenticees, Imperial Agents, and bounty hunters to disperse his toxin and cripple the rebellion.[3] While the Sith waited for the revolt to die down, Imperial commanders began to explore reports of murders in the slave camps. Upon further investigation, it was learned that a cult of Sith-worshipping slaves known as the Unchained had begun ritually killig their comrades as sacrifice to their masters.[1] The Sith ultimately decided to use The Unchained cultists to further their own purposes in the battle. The captains and commanders of the rebelling slaves eventually decided that they could best advance their own agenda by threatening to expose Darth Baras's hand in the contention. Baras, hoping to avoid the political scandal, sent his apprentice to the foot of the colossus to kill the extorting slaves.[4] Despite the leader of the slaves being targeted and killed by an imperial agent, later known as Cipher 9,[5] the rebellion continued and Darth Vowrawn's colossal statue remained a battleground instead of a monument.

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