"Man, I can taste Droo's bilaberry patogga with cold blue milk already..."
―Jariah Syn[1]

Droo Rawk was a female Kiffar living around the time of the Sith–Imperial War. She was the wife of Nat Skywalker, then going by the alias of "Bantha" Rawk, the mother of Ahnah, and the stepmother of Skeeto and Micah.


"Love you Droo. Always and forever."
―"Bantha" Rawk's final words[2]

Droo was born into the famous Clan Vos of Kiffu, and once served as a Kiffu Guardian and had a daughter with another guardian. Her husband at some point died in service to the guardians. Droo would then marry the Jedi Master Nat Skywalker.

When Skywalker later left the Jedi Order he adopted Droo's daughter Ahnah as his own, and the pair adopted two children, Skeeto and Micah, together. The children were never made aware of their father's former life as a Jedi, and Nat began to live under the alias of "Bantha" Rawk.

In 137 ABY, Droo's family fought together against Black Sun pirates when Cade Skywalker, Droo's nephew through Nat, and the crew of the Mynock came to their aid. The crews intervention ultimately saved the families lives. Shortly after this, Nat temporarily left his family to escort Cade and his crew to the Hidden Temple so he could confer with the Jedi High Council in the hopes of being granted aid against the forces of Darth Krayt.

After Cade's proposal to assassinate Krayt was rejected by the Council, and he chose to continue with the plan regardless, Nat reunited with his family on Kiffu. During this time, Droo's daughter Ahnah followed in her mothers footsteps by training to become a Kiffu Guardian. Against all odds, Cade's plan ended with the death of Krayt, before he rushed the severely injured Azlyn Rae to Kiffex, in the hopes that Droo's healing powers could save her life.

Cade and his crew eventually reached Kiffex, and Cade handed Azlyn over to Droo. Droo said she could only save Azlyn if she wanted to be saved, and Cade said she did. While Droo and Nat tried their best, Azlyn rejected their attempts to heal her. Nat refused to give up, and decided on a desperate measure: creating a life supporting suit for Azlyn. Droo didn't like the idea, thinking it would make Azlyn the next Darth Vader, but she stood behind Nat.

The suit allowed Azlyn to live, but she wasn't happy about it. She had been ready to accept death, and didn't want to be saved. When Cade returned, Droo said that Cade had lied to them. She said Cade wouldn't be allowed to come back to them for a while, maybe even ever.

Droo talks with her husband for the last time.

Bantha later left Kiffex for the Hidden Temple once more, per request of the Jedi Council. There he contacted Droo via holoprojector and told her he would be staying for a while, not because of his loyalty to the Order, but because the War needed to be fought by anyone who could. She told him she understood, and that Zharia Vos had contacted her and requested that she reactivate her general's commission within the Kiffu Guardians as a precaution against possible actions by Krayt's forces for not allowing an Imperial base to be build on either of the Kiffar homeworlds. When her husband asked about Annah, Droo told him she was off with her unit. Bantha lamented, stating that their daughter was too young for War. Droo, however, stated that she was always fated to become a Guardian, and there was no running from her destiny, just like Bantha. As the pair signed offline, the two said goodbye for the last time.

Nat Skywalker was still in the Hidden Temple when the Sith attacked there. Bantha gave his life with T'ra Saa to allow the other Jedi and their Imperial and Alliance allies to escape. Just before he died, Bantha Rawk uttered his final words, professing his love for Droo one final time.

Behind the scenes[]

The script of the Legacy (2006) 34 establishes that she was not a descendant of Quinlan Vos.[3]


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