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Droopy McCool was the commonly known stage name[1] of Snit,[5] who was a male Kitonak and the lead horn player of the Max Rebo Band.[1] McCool's real name, however, was actually a series of flute-like whistles, unpronounceable by any other species.[6] He played the chindinkalu flute.[2] His body released a vanilla-like smell.[3]

McCool was present in Jabba's palace during the Rescue of Han Solo, where he played Jedi Rocks along with the rest of the Max Rebo Band.[7] While he was a well-integrated member of the Max Rebo Band, he was lonely, and wished for the company of other Kitonaks. He claimed to have heard to the faint tones of his fellow kind out in the Tatooine dunes. After the death of Jabba the Hutt and the explosion of his sail barge, McCool disappeared into the desert.[6]

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