"The Force is a complex, star-shattering power of nature. It is my duty as a Jedi Master to act as a conduit for its wisdom and potential. I search the ether, bringing hope and answers to those less in tune with its awesome might. So I must ask you… Have you given yourself fully to the Force?"
―Drooz, fooling the inhabitants of Mathas[src]

Drooz was a male individual who claimed to be a Jedi prophet and healer on the planet Mathas sometime after the Jedi Order established the outreach temple on the world. He was able to amass a following of believers in the Force, having promised to cure their afflictions brought on by the Niffin plague. However, his actions ultimately led the Order to dispatch two Jedi—Cyslin Myr and Mace Windu—to Mathas with instructions to apprehend Drooz as well as to investigate the disappearance of Jedi Master Kez Velaz, the head of the Jedi outreach program on Mathas.[1]

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