Drop the sack

Ewoks Paploo and Wicket W. Warrick prepare for a round of drop the sack.

Kneesaa: "Drop the sack? Paploo, you know the elders forbid us to play that stupid game."
Paploo: "Take it easy, cousin. We won't get caught."
Kneesaa: "I think you're being foolish. Hunf!"
Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka and Paploo[src]

Drop the sack was a game played by Ewok youths. Players formed two sides, the droppers and the targets. The droppers filled several sacks with mud and climbed high into the trees with them. Meanwhile, the targets donned bullseyes on their backs. The objective was for the droppers to hit the targets with the sacks of mud, thus soiling the target players. For the target players, on the other hand, the objective was to run through the field without being hit by the sacks.

Older Ewoks often condemned the game as an immature waste of time, and the game was actually forbidden. However, the game inspired Wicket Wystri Warrick and his friends to airdrop sacks of magic foam to fight a massive forest fire started by Morag.


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