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"It's a honeymoon I'll never forget."
―Droza Edthatt, while licking Etro.[src]

Droza Edthatt was a Duros female known for, along with her husband Etro Edthatt, making headlines for being kidnapped by members of the Human species. Shortly after marrying Etro and returning from their honeymoon, the couple was abducted by the Humans, who held the newlyweds hostage on the planet Urthha for more than four solar periods, until the couple managed to escape the planet using a matter catalyst, a common piece of transportation technology on that planet.


"Once we adjusted our aural syncronizers, we understood everything our captives had to say."
―Droza Edthatt, describing her first moments on Urthha.[src]

The Edthatts escaped Urthha using a matter catalyst, known locally as a "blender"

Female Duros Droza Edthatt married fellow Duros Etro Edthatt and, upon returning from their honeymoon, the newlyweds, while still mid-digestion, were battered with metal sticks by Human beings, forced out of their transport and loaded into another transport that, according to them, resembled an "upside down" re-humidifier. The Humans then blinded the Duros and levitated them to their homeworld of Urthha, where they would stay four over four solar periods.[1]

Arriving on the planet, the Duros couple adjusted their aural synchronizers, a simultaneous translation device, since neither one of them spoke Galactic Basic Standard, in order to readily comprehend Human speech. They were then taken to a dinner party, where the couple were forced to sit and consume food. To the Edthatts, Human cuisine resembled food from the Vretha system[1]—a location within the Mid Rim's Hollan sector[3]—, which prompted Etro to start stamping it, angering the hostess in the process. He ate a potato, but it made him feel sick and break out in collard lesions, scaring away the all Humans. With the house empty, the Duros couple used the privacy to go to the freezer, seeing as it was their honeymoon.[1]

The Edthatts spent their remaining solar periods on Urrtha bouncing on antennas, reading vegetables and choking books and paintings, which, according to them, "put up little resistance," in opposition to what they were used to. They also noted a lack of suitable objects to scratch. On the day a Human youngling tried to throw "folded piles of paper" at the house, he helped the couple leave the planet by means of a matter catalyst, known locally as a "blender", after the child beat them in a "professional-level" game of Twister.[1]

The Edthatts would later recall the experience with joy in a thorough article for the periodical Galactic Gossip, as part of an interview with staff writer Trebor Uarrac.[1]

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"We were quite frightened by the spontaneous action."
―Droza Edhthatt, recalling when Etro broke out in collard lesions[src]

Although the Duros were famed for being a species with a strong interest on space travel,[2] Droza Edthatt and her husband, until the abduction, had never seen Humans,[1] the most populous species in the galaxy,[4] and could not speak their language. She struggled with many cultural concepts and objects common to Humans such as "party," "table" or pieces of technology like matter catalysts. She additionally did not speak Galactic Standard Basic, a language that, at first, reminded her of Mocking Trees. Edthatt required aural synchronizers to communicate with some off-worlders.[1]

Initially frightened with the kidnapping and the cultural shock, Edthatt over time developed a positive view of the whole affair, enjoying her time on Urthha. Edthatt only lamented she and Etro could not find suitable objects to scratch. She, like all Duros, possessed red eyes and no hair.[1]

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The original image from the set of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Droza Edthatt was featured in a two-page story titled "Aliens Kidnapped by Humans!", a gossip magazine parody attributed to Trebor Uarrac of the Galactic Gossip, originally written by Bob Carrau for the 1993 book Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, a publication that combines creature designs and photographs from various projects of George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise, with original text by Carrau.[1] In the story, two Duros newlyweds named Etro and Droza Edthatt are "abducted by Human beings" from the planet "Urthha". After more than four solar periods of unusual experiences, they use a "matter catalyst", which the humans call a "blender", to leave the planet.[1] A picture of the Edthatts, originally a production photo from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope,[5] is included in the segment, although it is not made clear who is who in the image.[1] The Duros in the original picture were canonically identified as Chachi De Maal[6] and Ohwun De Maal.[7] Lucasfilm employee Leland Chee, who maintains the Holocron continuity database, has indicated that information contained in the book is non-canonical.[8]


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