"The villagers, Lord Vader. Drua and her people. We can't allow so many witnesses to live. I'll wait for you here."
"I hear and I obey, Master."
―The Emperor and Darth Vader, moments before wiping out Drua's village[src]

Drua's Village[2] was one of numerous remote settlements on the planet Ryloth.[1] In 14 BBY,[2] it was where the Twi'lek girl Drua welcomed Emperor Sheev Palpatine, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, and the Royal Guardsman Erstin Deez—completely unaware of their identities as Imperials—during their mission to Ryloth.[1]

Vader speculated that Drua's Village, as well as other remote settlements on Ryloth, were formed by either displaced refugees of the Clone Wars or by escaped mining slaves. Drua informed the Imperial trio that her village had 38 residents, which included Naria and her unborn child. Some two years prior, Drua's mother was also a member of the village before her passing.[1]

After the village witnessed a battle between the Imperial forces and the Free Ryloth movement, the Emperor commanded Vader to kill every last villager—which included Drua, her grandfather, Mala, the pregnant Naria, and Narmn—to which Vader obliged.[1]

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