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"Where are your parents?"
"My mother died two winters back. I didn't know my father."
"Not unlike you, apprentice."
―The Emperor, also speaking to Darth Vader, and Drua[src]

The Twi'lek mother of the girl Drua was an individual who died some three years following the conclusion of the Clone Wars, a galactic conflict, which left the girl to live with her grandfather on their homeworld of Ryloth. Drua recounted brief details regarding her mother's death when she traveled with Galactic Emperor Darth Sidious and his Sith apprentice Darth Vader, oblivious to their Imperial and Sith identities, back to her home village. This event led to Drua's own death at the hands of Vader himself soon after—along with the entire village—approximately two years after Drua's mother had passed.[1]

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Drua's mother was first mentioned in the new canon[2] Star Wars novel Lords of the Sith,[1] released in 2015 and written by Paul S. Kemp.[2]


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