Druth Anamor was a male Human and the Head of Research at the Imperial Research Station on Toprawa. High in the hierarchy of Imperial scientists, Anamor was favored by Emperor Palpatine himself. Anamor had a large apartment in the research station, entirely decked out in red. On Toprawa, Anamor worked to design the control systems for the Death Star superlaser. He had a daughter, Facet Anamor, who was Executive Personnel Officer for the station.

As of 0 BBY, Anamor was extremely pale with mottled gray marks on his skin. His teeth were jagged and yellow, and his eyes were pale. Anamor was thin and wasted, and needed an exoskeleton to move. However, though he sometimes feigned weakness, the exoskeleton gave him incredible speed and strength.

When Havet Storm infiltrated the research station during the Battle of Toprawa, he went to Anamor's quarters to find the superlaser plans, where he encountered the old man. Anamor venomously accused Storm of being a Rebel, though he pretended to back down and feigned weakness as he went to the corner of his apartment.

However, after Storm downloaded the plans, Anamor suddenly revealed his true strength and attacked the Rebel. Knocking Storm to the ground, Anamor unleashed a spiky probe from his fist and prepared to drill into Storm's head. Storm, however, kicked him to the side and was able to defeat him. As Anamor died, he told Storm that his daughter would have her revenge.


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