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A Star Destroyer in drydock for repairs

A drydock, also spelled dry dock, was housing for ships, up to and including capital ships, that would not be flying soon, often due to being under construction or repair. Some drydocks were space stations.

In the galaxyEdit


Dutyfree docked at Echo Base

On the Rebel Echo Base on Hoth, its GR-75 medium transport ships were drydocked in the hangars.

Imperial Drydock IV was located in the Greater Plooriod sector. The Tarkin superweapon was constructed in drydocks orbiting the planet Hockaleg.

The Star Lady, the ship of Captain Fenig Nabon, was drydocked on Nar Shaddaa.

Behind the scenesEdit

A real-world dry dock brings a watercraft completely out of the water for easy access to the entire hull. A starship "drydock" has a similar purpose, but loses the literal meaning of the apparatus used for boats and ships.


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