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"With the old Sullustan Dua Ningo in charge of the armada, the Bulwark Fleet broke through the Republic's blockade and proceeded to smash military outposts throughout Coruscant's Sector Zero."
Voren Na'al[1]

Dua Ningo was an elder Sullustan male who served as an admiral in the navy of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Approximately two years into the Clone Wars, Ningo took command of the Bulwark Fleet, an armada of Bulwark Mark I warships stationed at the shipyards above the Core World of Foerost. After breaking the Galactic Republic's blockade of the planet, the Sullustan used the Bulwark Fleet to wipe out many Republic outposts in Sector Zero as he moved to conquer the Republic capital of Coruscant.

Hoping to put an end to Ningo's campaign, the Republic authorized the launch of the new Victory-class Star Destroyers six months before their scheduled introduction. Captains Jan Dodonna and Terrinald Screed took command of the two task forces that comprised the Victory Fleet; together, they engaged Ningo and his Bulwark Fleet in a series of battles throughout the Core. The final confrontation between the two armadas occurred in the skies above the Core World Anaxes, where the admiral was killed when his flagship disintegrated.


"The final showdown came in the skies above Anaxes. Dodonna, under heavy fire with dead wrecks from his task force plunging planetward, held out long enough for Screed to pop in from hyperspace and disintegrate Ningo's flagship with a broadside fusillade."
―Voren Na'al[1]

Dua Ningo was a Sullustan male,[2] considered old by the time of the Clone Wars.[1] He served as an admiral[3] in the naval forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the galactic conflict.[2] In 20 BBY, Ningo assumed the leadership of the Bulwark Fleet, an armada of Bulwark Mark I vessels that had been constructed by Techno Union engineers at the Foerost Shipyards, and used the warships to defeat the Republic blockade of Foerost.[1] Following this historic[3] victory, the admiral was tasked with conquering the Republic capital of Coruscant,[2] destroying a series of Republic outposts in Sector Zero en route.[1]

Recognizing the threat that Ningo posed, the Republic authorized the launch of the Victory-class Star Destroyer, a new warship design, six months prior to its scheduled debut in order to deal with the Bulwark Fleet. Two task forces of Victory-class Star Destroyers—collectively known as the Victory Fleet—were formed: one led by Captain Terrinald Screed and the other by Captain Jan Dodonna.[1] The Victory Fleet succeeded in driving Ningo away from Coruscant,[2] subsequently engaging him in a series of battles throughout the Core Worlds.[1]

Ningo survived encounters with the Victory Fleet above Ixtlar, Alsakan, and Basilisk, before moving the Bulwark Fleet to the planet Anaxes. There, the admiral succeeded in destroying a large portion of Dodonna's task force, but Ningo's concentration on one commander left him vulnerable to attack from the other—Screed and his warships emerged from hyperspace and destroyed the admiral's flagship,[2] the Unrepentant,[4] in a barrage of cannon fire.[1] Ningo perished when his ship was obliterated.[2]

Personality and traits[]

An aging[2] admiral[3] serving with the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[2] Dua Ningo used the Bulwark Fleet to great effect, wiping out Republic forces scattered throughout Sector Zero. His campaign[1] to capture Coruscant[2] started with a historic victory at Foerost,[3] where Ningo used the warships of the Bulwark Fleet to break through the Republic's blockade of the planet. The galactic government considered the admiral and his forces to be such a threat that it launched its new Victory-class Star Destroyers months in advance of their planned rollout to deal with the Bulwark Fleet and its commander. After several engagements with Screed's and Dodonna's forces, Ningo was finally killed in a sneak attack above Anaxes, although the engagement cost the Victory Fleet several vessels.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dua Ningo and the Foerost campaign were created by Daniel Wallace for The New Essential Chronology, published in 2005.[1]


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