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A dual-phase lightsaber was a lightsaber that contained two or more kyber crystals, allowing its blade length to be extended or shortened in the middle of combat. Darth Vader's lightsaber was an example of one, with the weapon achieving the feature with two kyber crystals.[3]



Darth Vader wielded a dual-phase lightsaber.

Considered antiquated by the time of the Clone Wars, the dual-phase lightsaber was an artifact of an older, more violent time. They contained a series of secondary focusing crystals that, when used, could catch an opponent off guard. This weapon type allowed a wielder to rotate the crystals into a new alignment with the push of a button to change the length of the lightsaber's blade. This generally caused an opponent's guard to falter momentarily as they adjusted to the new blade length, allowing the wielder to press the advantage while their opponent was confused.[3]

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