Dubrak "Rak" Qennto was a Human male from Corellia, and the captain of the smuggling vessel Bargain Hunter. With a crew of two—Jorj Car'das and Maris Ferasi—he ran cargo shipments such as firegems and furs across the Outer Rim. While evading Progga the Hutt during one such trip, the crew became one of the first few (other than the Sith) outsiders to encounter the Chiss and Commander Thrawn. "Rak," as he was called by the crew (mostly by his girlfriend and co-pilot Ferasi), chose to try to finagle his way out of their situation, rather than take advantage of it as Car'das and Maris did. He did not trust Commander Thrawn, and tried to convince both of his crewmates to do the same. Eventually, Thrawn released the smugglers.



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