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«Well, if it isn't Dud Bolt! Say, you're in the Boonta! Why weren't you a guest on today's Fode/Beed show? Oh, I remember… Because you're a lousy pilot! Heh-heh-heh!»
«If I didn't
know better, Sebulba, I'd think you were trying to rattle me.»
know it's just an act, Dud. Would I keep paying you to be my secret bodyguard unless I respected you?»
Respect, huh? What do you want, Sebulba?»
―Sebulba and Dud Bolt[src]

Dud Bolt was a Vulptereen male hit man and professional Podracer pilot during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. With a battered and scarred Vulptereen 327 Podracer at his disposal, Bolt maintained an aggressive on-course reputation. However, unbeknownst to most, the Vulptereen was employed as a mid-air bodyguard by the notorious Dug pilot and cheat Sebulba.

A competent pilot nevertheless, Bolt scored various race records on the planets of Malastare, Gamorr, Mon Calamari, and Sullust, and was even considered to be the crowd favorite for the Malastare 100 and a second Malastare based course. Bolt had also participated in the Boonta Eve Classic on the desert planet Tatooine at one point, and—alongside Sebulba—later returned to the event again during the year 32 BBY. Shortly before the race, Bolt aided Sebulba in sabotaging the Podracer of rival pilot Mars Guo.

Despite Bolt's and Sebulba's attempts at cheating, neither pilot finished the Boonta, with Bolt colliding into the Nuknog pilot Ark Roose. By the 24 BBY Podracing season, the Glymphid Aldar Beedo replaced Bolt as Sebulba's bodyguard, with both pilots subsequently earning crosshairs on their heads from a vengeful Bolt. The Vulptereen's career continued through 22 BBY, at which point he had furthered his fame to the planet Utapau and made enemies out pilot Clegg Holdfast and the crew of Team Watto.


The pilot from the Deep Core[]

"The Vulptereen racer Dud Bolt is on the track today. Ho, he is gonna be tough to beat."
―Fode Annodue, Troig race announcer — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Dud Bolt, Podracer pilot and hit man-for-hire

A male member of the Vulptereen species, Dud Bolt hailed from[1] the Deep Core[3] world of Vulpter.[1] While the majority of Vulpter's natives labored away under the rule of the Trade Federation, Bolt secured a life that was considered to be better than that of other Vulptereens[4] by obtaining off-world work as a professional Podracing pilot.[1]

With a Vulptereen 327 Podracer at his disposal, Bolt was hired the Dug Podracer Sebulba, a pilot who employed various illegal methods to gain the upper hand in a Podrace, as a mid-race hit man and bodyguard. In exchange for a paycheck, Bolt's job was to knock out Sebulba's competition during races.[1] As such, Bolt did not bother participating in races to win, but rather to protect Sebulba. As a result of Bolt's aggressive piloting, other pilots made it a point to avoid him if possible. Bolt's strategy for his job required him to remain in the rear of a pack and keep an eye out for anyone looking to take the lead. If they did, Bolt would boost after them and take them down before they had a chance of catching up to Sebulba.[5]

However, Bolt did not completely dismiss the prospect of winning or becoming a successful racer. He made numerous attempts to establish the best lap time records for a circuit on the planet Malastare known as the Malastare 100,[6][7] and he even participated in the famous Boonta Eve Classic.[8] Though Bolt had won the Malastare 100 and remained a common sight there, his overall victories were few. Still, Bolt was considered to be the course's crowd favorite.[7] Bolt also gained recognition on a Malastare drag course.[9]

The Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY[]

Scheming for victory[]

«You might find this hard to believe, but not everyone on Tatooine wants me to win tomorrow. I insist you work extra hard to watch my back.»
―Sebulba to Dud Bolt[src]

The year 32 BBY,[10] saw the next iteration of the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace on the Outer Rim planet Tatooine. Bolt attended the event alongside Sebulba, with the latter being recognized as the crowd favorite.[8]

Dud Bolt distracts Mars Guo while Sebulba sabotages the Bardottan's pod.

On the night before the race, Bolt attended former Boonta winner Boles Roor's Glimmik concert at the Poodoo Lounge in Mos Espa. While there, he was greeted and taunted by Sebulba, who commented on Bolt's lack of an appearance on the earlier broadcast of the Fode and Beed Show, of which Sebulba was a guest speaker. Bolt was short with the Dug, prompting Sebulba to remind his lackey that the rude display was merely an act so that no one would suspect their partnership. Beleiving that enemies were afoot, Sebulba advised Bolt to keep an eye out for potential threats. Unbeknownst to the pair, and only a few seats away in the bar, the aging Devlikk pilot Wan Sandage hired the Glymphid killer and Podracer Aldar Beedo to assassinate Sebulba during the Boonta.[11]

The next day, Sebulba learned from the Veknoid competitor Teemto Pagalies that the Bardottan pilot Mars Guo was planning to run away with one of Sebulba's masseuses, Ann Gella, after the race. Per Sebulba's orders, Bolt distracted Guo while the Dug broke a piece of machinery off Guo's Podracer.[11]

"The mighty Dud Bolt"[]

"Bolt Dud [sic] and Ebe Endocott seem to be having words in the pit. Ha ha ha. There's no love lost between these two!"
―Fode Annodue[src]

Dud Bolt prepares to race in the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine.

Later in the day, the pilots gathered at the Mos Espa Grand Arena, the starting point for the Boonta race. Bolt started on the outside of the second row drectly behind Beedo's starting position. Meanwhile, starting next to Bolt was a Human child named Anakin Skywalker. The Troig race commentator Fodesinbeed Annodue introduced pilots, cheerfully welcoming Bolt and his Podracer back to the Boonta.[8] The Vulptereen at some point exchanged words with the Triffian racer Ebe Endocott, a conversation that was both spotted and announced by Annodue.[12]

Eventually, race's host Jabba the Hutt arrived in his personal viewing box and flagged the start of the race. Bolt and his competition soared into the Tatooine desert. Two pilots, however, were left behind—Skywalker and the Toong pilot Ben Quadinaros. Skywalker's pod eventually moved from the starting line and caught up with the rear of the pack, overtaking Bolt and several other Podracers in the process. Bolt remained in the rear for the remainder of the race near Sandage, Beedo, and the Xamster Neva Kee, while Sebulba knocked out any pilot who came near him.[8]

While piloting through a late-course obstacle referred to as the Coil, Bolt encountered the pilot Ark "Bumpy" Roose—seeing a potential target, Bolt moved to intercept. Both pilots bit the dust as their Podracers collided, and both received injuries that landed them in the Mos Espa med center.[1][11] Although Sebulba himself wound up losing the race,[8] the Dug nevertheless rewarded Bolt with a hefty bonus for causing Roose's wreck.[4] Bolt eventually recovered and returned to racing with a Vulptereen 327.[13]

However, by the year 24 BBY,[14] Sebulba had fired Bolt from his coveted position at the Dug's side and hired Beedo—the very Glymphid who had once been hired to kill him—as a replacement bodyguard. Enraged, Bolt vowed to destroy both pilots in the name of eternal hatred.[13][15]

Racer revenge[]

Beating the competition[]

"Today's favorite is Dud Bolt. Anyone who's familiar with this racer knows he has an aggressive driving style and no patience for amateurs."
―Fode Annodue[src]

Dud Bolt, during the 24 BBY racing season

For the new Podracing season of 24 BBY,[14] Bolt honed his piloting skills and upgraded his Podracer to become a fiercer presence on the track before entering into the Galactic Trials, the season's first set of races. Bolt, more aggressive than ever, racked up high scores on the knockout charts, obtaining the lead spot for most knockouts with a score of four during two different races—one on a track located in a SoroSuub Facility on the planet Sullust and the other on the Orotoru G'am track on the planet Mon Calamari. For the Watchtower Run course on the planet Gamorr, he reached third on the knockout chart, with a total of two knockouts in one race. Beedo, the track favorite and Bolt's nemesis, held the top position with a total of five knockouts. Bolt performed well on the course, as he had the second-best race time for the course, standing at 02:25.93 minutes. However, Beedo topped that chart as well.[13]

Bolt later raced on the ice world of Ando Prime[16][17] circa 22 BBY.[18] The race was broadcast over the HoloNet, and the Outlander Club establishment on the planet Coruscant aired the race shortly before the start of the Clone Wars.[16][17]

New rivals[]

"You get out of here, eh. We paid entry fee, and I never fly away from nonrefundable deposit. We going to race. Nothing you can do to stop us."
«Are you stupid or crazy? Maybe a bit of both …»
―Watto and Dud Bolt confront each other[src]

Dud Bolt loses a fight to Clegg Holdfast.

Sometime later during that year,[19] Bolt participated in the Outer Rim Regional Podracing Circuit. By this time, he was considered to be the track favorite of a course located on the planet Utapau, which was the third and last race of the circuit. After losing the entire Regional circuit to a new Podracer pilot who was racing on behalf of the Toydarian junk dealer Watto, the Vulptereen confronted both the pilot and Watto on the planet Bespin, shortly before the first race of the Professional Podracing Circuit.[20]

Backed by a pair of Trandoshans, Bolt threatened Watto's team. As Watto tried to interject, one Trandoshan hit the Toydarian with a stun baton. Before the trio could advance on Watto, the Nosaurian Podracer Clegg Holdfast intervened. After incapacitating the Trandoshans with DUM-series pit droids, Holdfast quickly advanced on Bolt with a wrench; unphased by Bolt's drawing of a blaster pistol, Holdfast knocked the gun out of Bolt's hand before hitting the Vulptereen with the wrench. Bolt made a hasty retreat, leaving his unconscious bodyguards behind.[20]

During the next race, located on Coruscant, Aldar Beedo killed Holdfast by using his own Podracer to destroy Holdfast's KV9T9-B Wasp Podracer. Bolt also participated in the race but was unable to destroy Beedo or win the event, losing to Watto's pilot.[20] In the end, Bolt was never able to finish off Beedo during a race, as Beedo was captured by a mercenary on Baroonda. The mercenary had been hired by another one of the Glymphid's enemies, the Fluggrian crime lord Kam Nale, who was better known by the name of "Elan Mak" on the Podracing circuits.[21] As for Sebulba, the Dug eventually met a fatal end, to the joy of his enemies.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"Dud Bolt's Vulptereen RS 557 helps that shameless toady to protect Sebulba."
―A rumor[src]

Dud Bolt raced as Sebulba's mid-air bodyguard but sought revenge after the Dug double-crossed him.

Dud Bolt was a depraved individual who decided to work as a Podracing hit man and toady under the employ of Sebulba, with mettle comparable to that of a womp rat.[5] Shameless[22] and cruel,[23] he accepted jobs to destroy the competition for Sebulba, and accepted paychecks for the wreck he would cause on Sebulba's behalf.[1] Bolt would sacrifice his own Pod and race position to take down the targeted competitor, though if his violent actions ever slowed him down, his Pod's boost package, and the light weight of his cockpit, generally threw him back into the thick of things. In addition, one of Bolt's tactics was to slip one of his low flying engines underneath the pod of another racer.[5]

As such, for a time, Bolt simply did not concern himself with winning,[4] although he did not completely dismiss the prospect.[7] He also did not care much for maintaining his vehicle's appearance, and his battles were obvious with the scars that his Podracer exhibited.[5] Bolt managed to upgrade both his Pod and his own piloting abilities, however, and became more aggressive than ever, topping knockout charts[13] by 24 BBY.[14]

Bolt was not above using dirty tactics to make short work of his competition.

While under Sebulba's employ, Bolt on one occasion doubted the fact that Sebulba respected him at all, despite the Dug's claims. Bolt did not enjoy the Dug's fake insults.[11] After Sebulba double-crossed him, an enraged Bolt sought vengeance by vowing to destroy his old employer and Sebulba's new bodyguard, Aldar Beedo.[13] In another instance, after losing three straight races to a new pilot, Bolt, who had little time for amateurs, confronted the pilot and had his henchmen assault the racer's benefactor, Watto. The Vulptereen later drew a blaster on Clegg Holdfast to defend himself. Yet, despite being aggressive and violent on the track, Bolt was not as brave out of his cockpit. Bolt hesitated to shoot Holdfast after drawing his blaster, and paid the price as Holdfast physically bested him, after which Bolt made a hasty retreat.[20]

Considered to be a famous[3] member of the Vulptereen species,[1] Bolt stood a mere 0.94 meters tall and weighed a total of forty-five kilograms.[2] His short nature allowed him to use a rather small and lightweight cockpit that would not slow down his Pod. The barrel-shaped Bolt had a long, flat snout that had three tusks protruding from either side.[1] Bolt's long arms were more than double the length of his stout legs.[11] He also had yellow eyes and skin that was predominately blue-gray with whitish areas, along with a dark-yellow patch on his stomach.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Eventually, he set two course records for the track: a single lap time of 00:40.288 minutes and a race time of 02:03.087 minutes.[5] Many spectators hypothesized that on the occasions when Bolt lost, he did so on purpose in hopes of bringing more attention to himself.[7]


"And back again, it's the mighty Dud Bolt with that incredible racing machine, the Vulptereen 327!"
―Fode Annodue — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Dud Bolt's Vulptereen 327 was in action on Ando Prime.

Dud Bolt favored a Vulptereen 327 Podracer throughout his racing career,[13] using it across worlds such as Ando Prime,[16] Tatooine, Gamorr,[13] and Malastare.[5] Built on Vulpter,[4] the Vulptereen 327's engines were distinguishable by their blue, red, and gray color scheme, as well as the Podracer's own battered appearance. The color scheme matched that of the flag Bolt had chosen to represent himself with during races. As Bolt's racing career continued, his Podracer became visibly damaged, and the Vulptereen often did not tend to its outward appearance, almost never taking the time to repaint it. Instead, he opted to show off the battle scars of his past scraps with other pilots.[5]

The Vulptereen 327 on the Boonta Eve starting line

The Vulptereen 327, also known as the RS 557,[13] reached a top speed of 760 kilometers per hour and was reputed for its above-average traction, which allowed pilots a greater amount of control when steering past rough terrain or when pulling away from combat situations during a race.[24] By 32 BBY,[10] Bolt's Pod had poor engine ventilation and lousy acceleration.[24] By 24 BBY,[14] Bolt upgraded the accelerator on the Pod, thus turning it into an excellent hit-and-run weapon.[13]

When competing, Bolt wore a full set of racing attire,[6] including a leather helmet with goggles, gauntlets, shin guards,[22] and at least two different leather jackets, one with pouches on the chest.[6] The leather uniform was mostly brown, with black and gold trimmings on one of his jackets. An emblem was emblazoned on Bolt's shoulder pads and on the top his helmet, as well on his arm braces. His helmet was specially crafted to allow his upright ears to poke through the cap, and several small holes existed for the small spikes set between his eyes to poke through.[1] Bolt also owned a blaster rifle that had a sling attached to it,[22] as well as a blaster pistol.[20]

Behind the scenes[]

Dud Bolt concept art by Terryl Whitlatch

Dud Bolt was created for the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, directed by George Lucas.[8] The character's appearance was first realized through concept illustrations by artist Terryl Whitlatch dating to May 1996,[23] although Bolt was originally known by the name Bozzie Barada,[25] a Boonta Eve racer from the film's revised rough draft[26] who appears in the Episode I novelization.[27] In the film, Bolt appeared during the Podrace sequences and was introduced by name.[8] Along with Mars Guo, Bolt was one of two Podracers who were portrayed in the film by a puppet instead of a computer-generated character or actor, even though a computer-generated version of the character was used for distance shots.[1] The 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones briefly showed Bolt racing his Podracer on a holoscreen.[16]

Bolt has been featured as a playable character in the video games Star Wars Episode I: Racer and Star Wars: Racer Revenge, voiced in both instances by David Jeremiah,[6][28] who also voiced racers "Bullseye" Navior in Episode I Racer[6] and Occo Ninebar in Racer Revenge.[28] In early versions of Episode I Racer as well as the Game Boy Color version, Bolt appears without his headgear.[5][9] The character has made additional video game appearances in the Episode I video game, which incorrectly identifies him as "Bolt Dud,"[12] as well as 2012's Kinect Star Wars, within the game's Podracing story mode.[20]


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