Duefgrin was a male teenage Brolf living on Barlok who was part of the assassination plot against several negotiators in a Corporate Alliance and Brolfi government mining dispute. Some of the negotiaters included Passel Argente, Guildmaster Gilfrome and Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth.

Duefgrin stole a pair of burst thrusters to be used in the building of a homemade missile to be targeted, under the leadership of Filvian (working under the direction of Kinman Doriana), against the Barlok negotiators. He passed the thrusters to fellow Brolf conspirator Jhompfi, who, in turn, passed them off to Migress.

Other items the young Brolfi conspirators collected for the missile construct were explosives, a stabilization system, and alloy packing cylinders.

Duefgrin wore a red vest with many pockets, in which he carried most of his possessions, and was a mechanical enthusiast who habitually stole what he needed for his projects.


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