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This duel was a short encounter that took place at the corner of Rainbow Parkway and Gallery Row in 18 BBY.


Three Inquisitors, Yral Chael, Mas Sirrah, and Probus Tesla, were sent by Darth Vader to find Jax Pavan and I-5YQ. The Inquisitors were equipped with Taozin amulets, which made them almost invisible in the Force. Near the corner of Rainbow Parkway and Gallery Row they felt Kajin Savaros's Force presence, and decided to attack. Kajin, who had been walking with Zeltron Dejah Duare and Elomin Haninum Tyk Rhinann, had the other two run off to safety as he prepared to fight. However, moments before the outbreak of the battle, Laranth Tarak arrived on the scene to help the young Force-sensitive. Jedi Knight Jax Pavan and his droid, I-5YQ, were not far behind, having hitched a ride to the scene on Police prefect Pol Haus's airspeeder.

The duelEdit

Jax squared up with Yral, Laranth with Sirrah, and Kajin with Probus. A short battle ensued, and Yral almost hit Pavan with Force lightning, but he was shot and killed by I-5YQ's fingertip lasers. In the chaos, however, Laranth had lost track of Sirrah, and the Inquisitor jumped off a nearby roof, coming at her from above and behind, about to shoot off a deadly storm of Force lightning. Savaros saw him at the last second, however, and hit Sirrah with a Force Push so strong it literally vaporized the Inquisitor. This, however, allowed Tesla to escape.


Tesla became even more impressed with Kajin's skills, but he also noticed that he could sense I-5YQ, as if the droid was sentient. He reported to Darth Vader, and the Sith Lord told him that capturing Savaros was the new priority, for with his capture would come the capture of Pavan, I-5, and the bota serum. Vader also revealed that one of Jax's friends was actually a double agent, working for the Empire.

Jax also realized that he could sense I-5, and he told the droid that their plot to assassinate the Emperor could not succeed, for the droid's intentions would be sensed. The group then decided to send Kajin to the Whiplash leader Thi Xon Yimmon, and they also found that Den Dhur had finally left for his home planet of Sullust and his lover, Eyar Marath.


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