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The Duel in The Squall occurred in 11 ABY on the planet of Yinchorr.

The duel[]

Jax is killed by Kir Kanos.

It started as a battle between former Imperial Guardsman Kir Kanos and acting Dark Lord Carnor Jax, who was accompanied by several shadow stormtroopers, as well as his personal assassin, Geff Blim. Kanos quickly defeated Jax's troopers and engaged Jax in a vibroblade duel. Despite drawing upon his knowledge of the dark side of the Force, Jax was defeated and executed by Kanos, and Blim, who was poised to shoot Kanos, was killed by Rebel roughnecks Sish Sadeet and Mirith Sinn, who had followed Jax to the desolate world.


As the duel came to a close, Kanos killed Sadeet when he tried to stop him from executing Jax. Sinn was too tired to fight the guardsman, but vowed to avenge her friend after Kanos had left the planet.



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