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"You have done a great thing. One of our own had strayed, but you have returned Juhani to the Order. For this you deserve the highest praise."
Belaya commenting on Juhani's redemption at the hands of Revan.[src]

During the Jedi Civil War, the Jedi Padawan Revan was forced to duel the Cathar Padawan Juhani when she attacked him on the planet Dantooine.


Juhani just before the duel.

In 3956 BBY during the Jedi Civil War,[2] between the Jedi Order and the Sith Lord Darth Malak's Sith Empire, Jedi Padawan Juhani fell to the dark side, after she mistakenly believed that she had slain her Jedi Master Quatra, in anger, and fled to the grove on the planet Dantooine. Her dark influence had an effect on the local Kath hounds, making them more aggressive than was otherwise normal. Following the Destruction of Taris, Jedi Knight Bastila Shan brought an amnesic Revan, who was a former Dark Lord of the Sith, and his companions to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. After a meeting with the Jedi Council of the Jedi Enclave Revan was accepted for retraining under the Twi'lek Jedi Master Zhar Lestin. After weeks of training under Lestin, Revan then had to undergo three tests to become a full Padawan, the first of which tested Revan's knowledge of the Jedi Code.[1]

After completion of the first test Lestin sent Revan to Dorak to choose which path he would take as a Jedi, that of a Jedi Guardian, a Jedi Consular, or a Jedi Sentinel. After choosing his path and receiving a lightsaber crystal Revan's second test was to construct his lightsaber. Revan used the Enclave's training room workbench in the creation of his new weapon. Upon completion he showed Lestin his lightsaber and was told to cleanse the Ancient grove as the final test before he could be admitted into the Order as a Padawan.[1] Revan and two companions[3] later found the ancient grove and walked up to Juhani to confront her while she was meditating.[1]

The Duel[]

"I will be your doom!"
―Juhani's battle cry as the duel begins.[src]

Juhani used her force powers to paralyze his companions,[3] and attacked Revan. After a short but intense lightsaber duel, Revan spared her life.[1]


"I seem to still have much to learn... Both about being a Jedi, and about myself. But I wish the cost of my ignorance had not been so high. I wish that my Master had not suffered because of me."
"It is not your fault, Juhani."
"I only wish things could have been different... If she were alive now there would be so much I would say to her... So much I would apologize for. OH, how can the Council ever take me back with what I have done? Striking my Master down in anger is unforgivable!"
"Do not worry, Juhani. They will surely take you back."
"I should convince them that I am truly repentant, that I am willing to forsake the dark side. Maybe, just maybe, they would accept me back. Do you think they would? Could it be possible after what I have done?"
"Of course it would. They would always accept you back."
"I... I thank you, master Jedi. I will return to the Council, then I shall submit myself to their judgment, and hope that they will forgive me. Again, I thank you. I am sure I will hear great things about you in the future."
―Revan redeems Juhani.[src]

After the duel Revan convinced the Cathar to return to the light side, and persuaded her to ask the Jedi Council for mercy. Having bested her Master, she did not believe Revan could match her power, but then she realized what Quatra had tried to teach her: humility. She tried to teach her that even one who is true to the teachings of the Jedi may just as easily fall to the dark side by their inability to understand or accept their own limitations. Juhani returned to the Jedi Enclave and met with the Jedi Council. She was accepted back into the order and Revan was praised for what he had accomplished.[1]

Juhani went to to accompany Revan to find the remaining Star Maps and to save the galaxy. Revan and his companions were later ambushed on Tatooine after finding the next Star Map.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"I am Belaya, once of the Jedi but now of the Sith… it was your murder of Juhani that placed this bitter blackness in my heart!"
―Belaya's encounter with Revan if the player chooses to kill Juhani[src]

Dark side players have the opportunity to kill Juhani. When encountering her in the grove, they can choose to end her life instead of redeeming her, thus losing a potential party member.

Belaya becomes a Sith if the player kills Juhani.

If the player decides to kill Juhani, Belaya discoveres that Juhani was slain by the aspiring new Padawan Revan, she becomes aggrieved and enraged. She lashes out at Revan upon his return, saying that Juhani had deserved a better chance from him, and from the Council who had sent him so ill-prepared. Regardless of Revan's intentions she could not be consoled, and she left the Jedi Order, ending up on Korriban and joining the Sith Academy there. On Revan's quest to find the Star Map there, Belaya once again confronted him on Korriban, this time outside the Sith Academy where nobody would stop her. She angrily questioned his presence there, then swearing vengeance for Juhani, she attacked Revan but was killed by the former Sith Lord.



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