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"Had enough, child? Can you feel your grip on life slipping? Why persist in this futile gesture of vengeance? Let go, embrace your death."
―Darth Baras to the Wrath[src]

A lightsaber duel took place during the Galactic War being the final confrontation between Darth Baras and the new Emperor's Wrath.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"Darth Baras plays the old games."
The Sith Emperor[src]

Darth Baras was the master of the Sith Warrior who would become the Emperor's Wrath. They often had different opinions and that never changed. When the Sith Warrior was made a Lord of the Sith, Darth Baras craved greater power. He planned to act as the Voice of the Emperor to gain a higher position. But for that to work, he had to imprison the true Voice of the Emperor. If the Dark Council acknowledged him as the Voice, he would have supreme power over the Empire. Some on the Council truly believed, others saw an advantage in supporting Baras while those who opposed him were blackmailed.

However, Baras also chose to kill his apprentice for fear of being succeeded. Lord Draahg attempted to bury the apprentice on Quesh but failed due to the intervention of the Emperor's Hand. The Hand made the Warrior the Emperor's Wrath and sent the Wrath on missions across the galaxy to undermine Baras' bid. On Belsavis, the Wrath slayed Darth Ekkage, Baras' sister, whose return would only garner more support to his deception, freed the true Voice on Voss and assisted Vowrawn on Corellia in destroying Baras' assets. Once all obstacles to Baras were out of the way and the Dark Lord himself weakened, the Wrath went to Korriban to end him once and for all.

Baras, about to take his mask off before the duel

Baras had called a special session of the Council to make his claim as the Voice official. Vowrawn granted the Wrath access to land on Korriban and met with his ally in the antechamber to the Dark Council chamber. Upon entering, Baras demanded to know if Vowrawn had finally arrived. His former apprentice then announced themselves as the Emperor's Wrath and openly called Baras a fraud. Vowrawn supported the Wrath's claim, telling his fellow Dark Councilors that they were all victims of a ruse perpetrated by Baras. In turn, the master deceiver attempted to discredit their accusations, telling the Dark Council that the Wrath was nothing more than Vowrawn's puppet. He then claimed that the Emperor would tell him Vowrawn's fate before requesting their aid in destroying his former apprentice. In response, the Wrath called him a coward hiding behind the Council. Though Darth Ravage was more than willing to oblige Baras, Darth Marr stated that as it was unclear who truly speaks for the Emperor, he declared that both master and apprentice shall duel before them. The victor would then be declared the true servant of the Emperor.

The duel[edit | edit source]

"The Master will grant the slave's last wish. The Emperor calls for your death. Attack me if you dare."
"I was never, nor shall I ever be, your slave!"
―The Emperor's Wrath and Baras before their duel[src]

Baras and his former apprentice exchanged a deadly flurry of lightsaber strikes and Force powers as they fought in front of the Dark Council. The Wrath appeared able to deflect and resist every attempt of Baras's to kill him. As soon as the Wrath wore down Baras, the deceitful Sith removed his mask. Baras let out a harsh cackle then fired a continuous blast of Force lightning at the Wrath, but the Wrath deflected it with his lightsaber.

Baras taunted the Wrath, mocking his futile attempts at vengeance. He then prompted the Wrath to give in and die. The Wrath replied that if he died, then Baras would too. The Wrath angrily flicked his lightsaber, deflecting the lightning back at Baras. Baras screamed out in anger, then both continued the duel. Baras, more angry than ever, switched to the Shien form, hoping to end the duel against his apprentice fast. The Wrath still proved more resilient against Baras's strikes and powers. When at last both combatants stopped, the Wrath declared his Master tired and spent. Baras tried to call on a Force storm, but exhausted of his strength, he was unable to do so. He was faced with two options: confess to his lie or beg.

Desperate, he called upon the Dark Council to aid in killing the Wrath. He first called on Marr, claiming that he would suffer the Emperor's disfavour, to which the masked Sith Lord stated he'll risk it. Baras then turned to Ravage, one of those who truly believed his claim, but the Dark Councilor refused to oppose the Emperor's Wrath. Alone, Baras goaded his former apprentice to kill him, and declared one day, he would strike from the shadows and take his revenge.

The Wrath prepared to execute his former Master, but Baras screamed he was invincible; undaunted, the Wrath impaled his former Master, killing him. Darth Vowrawn, speaking on behalf of the Dark Council, acknowledged that the Emperor's Wrath had free reign, answerable only to the Emperor himself. Marr agreed, but warned that the Wrath's actions would not be challenged so long as their supreme master's enforcer didn't interfere with their plans. The Dark Council then pledged their allegiances to the new Emperor's Wrath, who then departed Korriban to strike at those who would oppose the Sith Emperor.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

  1. A holomessage to the Emperor's Wrath from one of the Emperor's Hands confirms that the Emperor was defeated by the Knight "while you were dealing with Baras", confirming that the two duels were concurrent.
  2. 2.0 2.1 DuringSWTOR mini.png Star Wars: The Old Republic—Sith Inquisitor Mission: "The Dark Council" on Korriban confirms that Darth Nox would be summoned to the next Council meeting, and because Nox is not present at the duel with Baras, Nox's duel with Thanaton must follow the duel with Baras.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 SWTOR mini.png Star Wars: The Old Republic—Sith Warrior Mission: "Retribution" on Korriban
  4. SWInsider.png "The Last Battle of Colonel Jace Malcom"—Star Wars Insider 137 places the Battle of Corellia in 3641 BBY, meaning that the concurrent duel also occurred in that year.
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