"No good."
Alema Rar to Tresina Lobi[src]

In 40 ABY, a meeting between Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya and her apprentice Jacen Solo was interrupted when the Twi'lek Dark Jedi Alema Rar caught Jedi Master Tresina Lobi spying on the conversation. Rar's subsequent attack on Lobi alerted Lumiya to the presence of both women and, as Jacen fled, Lumiya joined the lightsaber duel that had erupted in the midst of Coruscant's Fellowship Plaza. Lobi held her own against the pair of darksiders for a time and severed Lumiya's weapon arm, but was unable to maintain a protracted offensive against two opponents. She was crippled by the extensions of Lumiya's lightwhip, then killed with a decapitating strike of Rar's lightsaber.


Meeting in the Senate DistrictEdit

"Who are you?"
"We're a friend. One who doesn't wish Master Skywalker to learn what you are doing with his nephew."
Lumiya and Alema Rar[src]

As Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker were talking in Fellowship Plaza, they were being listened to by Lumiya, Jacen's Sith Master, Alema, who was spying on Jacen, and Tresina Lobi, a Jedi Master Luke Skywalker sent to watch over Ben. After Jacen and Ben finished talking about Luke Skywalker's concerns about his son and a new GAG Star Destroyer, the Anakin Solo, Jacen sent him to Galactic Justice Center. As Ben passed Rar, she noticed Tresina eavesdropping on the conversation. Lumiya then left her own hiding place to talk to Jacen about his control over Ben, and the possibility of making him his Sith apprentice. Rar noticed Lobi recording the conversation as Jacen told Lumiya to assassinate a list of Bothans to lure the terrorists into a trap. As Lobi was about to send the recording to Luke, Rar realized that she did not want him to receive the message. She wanted Jacen to become a Sith Lord so that Leia Organa Solo's heart would be broken, assuring that The Balance was served. Rar sprang towards Master Lobi and landed on her shoulder blade, crushing it. Rar used the Force to remove Lobi's headset and they began fighting. Lumiya noticed the fight and told Jacen to leave for his meeting with Admiral Niathal. At first Lumiya cautiously approached Rar, but the Twi'lek stated that she was a friend and the two teamed up to fight the Jedi Master.

The duelEdit

"You are good, Master Lobi—but not that good. Even you cannot defeat two of us."
―Alema Rar[src]

Lobi used the Force to throw an urn into Rar's crippled shoulder before she could redirect it with Force lightning, and knocked her into some shrubs behind her. As Rar rose, she saw Lumiya engaging the Jedi with her lightwhip. As Rar headed towards the fight, Master Lobi backflipped while pulling Rar into the lightwhip's strands which cut her thighs and ribs. Tresina landed and sliced off Lumiya's cybernetic weapon arm, then aimed for her torso before Rar caught the attack with her own blade. As Lobi attacked the Twi'lek, Rar Force threw the prosthetic arm towards Lobi's head. The arm missed, but gave the Sith Lady time to attack. Lobi pivoted away and kicked Rar in the chest. As she went flying, Lumiya launched another series of attacks which moved her towards Rar. Lobi whirled around and attacked Alema, but stumbled back into Lumiya's lightwhip and lost both of her legs. As Tresina screamed in agony, Alema ended her suffering by cutting her head off.


"Do I know you?"
"Not yet. But we hope you will let us serve you. What you are doing with Jacen is so delicious—and so right for the Balance."
Lumiya and Alema Rar[src]

After Master Lobi had been struck down, Lumiya still remained suspicious of Rar. She stepped to the other side of the body with her lightwhip still activated. It was then that Rar took the recording device from Lobi's body, tossed it to Lumiya, and joined her cause. She continued to fill a role similar to that of a Sith Minion in Lumiya's Sith Order. She would go on to fight with Lumiya at the Roqoo Depot and save Darth Caedus's life during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

A gardener droid found Lobi's body, and notified the Coruscant Security Force. Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker would investigate Lobi's death, with their investigation leading them and Detectives Tozr and Raatu to the Zorp House apartment tower, and Lumiya's apartment.


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