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"My pets are ready to play. Are you?"
―Rora Seake[src]

In 3643 BBY, during the Sith Lord Darth Angral's campaign of vengeance against the Galactic Republic for the death of his son, Tarnis, a duel occurred in a Republic colony on the planet Taris between the Sith assassin Rora Seake and a young Jedi Knight. Seake had been sent to wipe out the Republic colony, but the Jedi Knight learned of Seake's mission from the Imperial operative Watcher One as part of a bargain the agent made with the Jedi. The Knight was too late to evacuate the colony before Seake's arrival, but the Jedi and a companion were able to kill the assassin and the two jurgoran pets she used as war beasts, saving the colonists from execution.


"A Sith assassin is on Taris preparing to massacre a small Republic settlement. I can tell you where."
―Watcher One[src]

In 3643 BBY,[4] during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Sith Lord Darth Angral declared war on the Republic for the death of his son, Tarnis, and stole a number of Republic superweapons in his pursuit of revenge.[6] Angral also tasked Watcher One of Imperial Intelligence with the capture of the Republic scientist Doctor Nasan Godera on the planet Taris. Republic General Var Suthra sent a young Jedi Knight, the same Jedi who had killed Tarnis, to locate Godera and bring him back to the Republic's capital of Coruscant.[1]

Watcher One remained one step ahead of the Jedi Knight and managed to ferry the unconscious scientist to the Imperial Intelligence Outpost on the planet, and, in order to secure time for him to interrogate Godera, he contacted the Jedi to make an offer.[1] Around the same time, a Sith assassin named Rora Seake was tasked with sabotaging the Republic's efforts to recolonize Taris, and her first target was a colony on the shores of the acidic Lake Brell.[3]

In exchange for time to interrogate Godera, Watcher One revealed the existence of Rora Seake and her mission, and he promised to permit the Knight to come to the Imperial outpost and retrieve the scientist when their business was concluded. Unwilling to put the mission ahead of the lives of the colonists, the Jedi agreed to Watcher One's bargain.[3]

The duel[]

Rora Seake controls her jurgoran pets through the Force.

"This is horrible. We're not prepared for this."
"Then you should not have come back to a world that is not yours. Taris belongs to the Sith Empire—now and forever. Even my beasts understand that."
―Yelzrin and Rora Seake[src]

The Knight and a companion rushed to the colony bunker, where the duo found the colonists hard at work establishing their settlement under the leadership of a Human named Yelzrin. Yelzrin welcomed the Jedi and offered foodstuffs and water, but the Jedi attempted to warn Yelzrin of the forthcoming threat so that the colonists would evacuate. Despite his confusion, Yelzrin started to round up the colonists, but Rora Seake arrived at the bunker with her two pet jurgorans only moments after the Jedi.[3]

Seake was surprised to see a Jedi, and she questioned the Knight as to how her mission had been compromised. Irritated that Watcher One had exposed her mission, Seake ordered her jurgoran pets to attack the Knight and the Jedi's companion, and she withdrew to meditate and control her pets in battle. However, the duo ultimately fought and killed the two creatures, knocking Seake out of her meditation and prompting the assassin to draw her orange-bladed lightsaber, and she then attacked the Jedi herself. The Sith wielded both blade and lightning in their duel, but the fight ended when Seake was struck down.[3]


"My parents told me stories of the Jedi when I was a boy. Now I know they're true."

A relieved Yelzrin offered the Jedi some of the colony's limited supplies as a reward, but the Knight declined the offer and departed with the Jedi's companion to continue their mission.[3] The duo followed Watcher One's coordinates to pick up Godera, but Darth Angral, who was furious to learn that the agent had compromised with the Jedi who had killed his son, ordered Watcher One to capture the Knight. Godera was ultimately rescued by the Knight, who delivered the scientist to the custody of the Republic Strategic Information Service, the Republic's intelligence agency.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"Pirates have unearthed powerful artifacts once belonging to the Jedi Covenant. I believe you will find these relics highly useful."
―Watcher One offers dark-side players the mission "A More Immediate Concern"[src]

The duel with Rora Seake first appeared in the Jedi Knight-class mission "A More Immediate Concern" in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game released by BioWare in 2011. Players only receive this mission if they have a light-side alignment,[3] while players with a dark-side alignment receive "An Opportunity Too Good to Pass Up," in which they stop a Sith from acquiring Jedi artifacts.[7] Players can also choose to bypass the mission entirely, though as the Knight is a Republic-class character and therefore assumed to choose the options that give the most light-side alignment points, this article assumes that the Knight defended the colony. According to the game's text files, players originally were able to Force Persuade Seake into leaving, but that option was removed.[3]


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