"You think this is what Anakin would want? His mother and his girlfriend trying to kill each other?"
Han Solo[src]

The Duel in the Royal Hangar was a duel 40 ABY between Jedi Knights Tahiri Veila and Leia Organa Solo that took place in the Royal Hangar on Hapes.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Leia and her husband Han had come to Hapes to persuade Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo to withdraw support for the Galactic Alliance, join the Jedi, and turn her fleets against Colonel Jacen Solo who was burning the Wookiee world of Kashyyyk for harboring the Jedi. Unbeknownst to them, Tahiri Veila, who was serving Jacen as his spy within the Jedi, had followed them in her StealthX, to prevent them from pleading their case to the Queen Mother.

After the Solos had landed in the hangar, the Hapan Royal Space Marines welcomed them and their "escort", Veila, to the planet. However, Veila announced her objective was to detain the Solos, which, in her eyes, was what Anakin Solo, her lost love and Jacen's dead brother, would have desired. For Leia Solo, reeling from Jacen's recent fall to the Dark Side and what she believed was the death of her brother, Luke Skywalker, at Kashyyyk, this was too much. She flew into a rage, muttering various things about her dead son not supporting torture and coups, and lit her lightsaber, Veila responding in kind.

Duel[edit | edit source]

Ignoring the Marines ordering them to drop their weapons, the two women engaged, landing various physical blows as well as lightsaber. Despite warnings from Han, the marines opened fire with stun bolts, but the Jedi easily deflected their shots. Using the Force, Veila flung one of the (now unconscious) troopers' blasters at Leia's back. Then, Leia flipped over and brought her blade around level with Veila's neck.

Han, realizing his wife's vengeful intent, restrained Leia, preventing her from killing Veila, though he took some blows when Leia defended herself. However, Veila continued to advance even as Han warned her to back down, stating that Anakin would never have wanted his mother and lover attempting to kill one another. At that moment, Djo herself arrived with her guard, and Veila, embarrassed, was forced to relent. The duel ended with no loss of life on either side.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

"This is the Hapes Consortium, Jedi Veila. I govern here, not the Alliance, not Jacen, and certainly not you."
―Tenel Ka to Tahiri Veila[src]

When Djo was informed of Luke's presumed death, she gave her sympathies to the Solos. Veila insisted that the Solos be turned over to Alliance custody, as there still was an arrest warrant on them, but Djo coldly reminded her that the Solos had safe haven in the Hapes Consortium, which, as the Queen Mother, Djo governed—not the Alliance, not Jacen Solo, and especially not Veila.

Djo had Major Moreem Espara disarm Veila and supply her with a messenger skiff, to be returned to Jacen with the Consortium's apologies for any inconvenience. Veila protested, but to no avail. When the elder Solos confirmed reports of Jacen's actions at Kashyyyk, Djo realized he was no longer the man she once knew and withdrew support for him and the Alliance. Luke Skywalker was revealed to be alive, though grievously injured in a duel with Jacen. While relieved, Leia and her daughter Jaina threatened to give Skywalker a similarly severe beating if he ever faked his death again.[1]

Veila's StealthX would later be used by Jacen Solo as an escape vehicle when he captured the Hapan Chume'da, Allana.[2]

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